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4 months ago

very easy for the kids and beautiful

5 months ago

Great place. Would recommend this place to everyone

Access to many trails in the Wind Rivers. View of Squaretop Mountain are Spectacular.

The Hike up this trails is amazing. The view of Squaretop Mountain in the distance near both Green River Lakes and along the beautiful Green River is amazing.I Hiked from the trail-head to the Vista Pass junction this year as part of the Wind River High Route between Green River Lakes and Big Sandy Openings. Hike From Summit Lake to the trail-head on a Big Sandy Openings hike to Green River Lakes year ago.

An amazingly beautiful place. There are many trails that branch off from the big sandy trail after 6 miles. We did a 2 night 3 day loop. We hiked passed big sandy lake and clear lake the first day, camping near clear lake on the giant rock slabs. The next day we passed deep lake and temple lake, looping around we camped near rapid creek the second night. This is a loop that connects back to big sandy lake. I think most people don't realize u can loop around as many of the people we met had gone on the same path to deep lake and back. We passed many hikers on the way to deep lake but saw no one the second day hiking near rapid creek. The different scenery of mountains, lakes, meadows, and creeks were amazing. The total loop was around 24 miles.

6 months ago

Great and BEAUTIFUL hike! We went around 9am which was perfect. Low traffic and stunning views with the sun rising. Our 4 year old walked this hike easily and climbed to the top of the falls with a bit of help. When you reach the falls, go around the bend (looks rocky and overgrown) to get to a bridge in order to cross the river.

Absolutely beautiful hike! the whole way, you are following a beautiful, clear spring. it is relaxing and gorgeous. I wanted to take 2 million pictures! I did this with my 6yo, and, while the hike to the spring was easy, I think that the portion to the top is not really meant for kids. We did climb, and the view was AWESOME, but I was quite worried about the kid in our way down. Definitely an adventure. I would visit again, but might not do the climb.

We hiked into the Cirque coming from Texas pass and Shadow lake. Texas pass is a hard climb but relatively short coming from Texas lake. From the pass it's a long decent to Lonesome lake an incredible jewel surrounded by colossal diamond peaks. Mere words do not describe the feeling of being there. The peaks rise over 2000 ft above Lonesome Lake. Hiking out over Jackass Pass was relatively easy as most of the time we were descending although it is steep and would be difficult to come in from Big Sandy Lake to Jackass pass. Put this trail on your Life list! We did meet quite a few people on the trail and TH parking was beyond full. It is a vast area and you should be able to find a quiet place. @backpackerneil

First 6 miles are relatively easy following along the Big Sandy River. You reach Big Sandy Lake and begin your ascent at the trailhead above the lake. Big Sandy Lake is a beautiful destination in itself. We camped there and hiked to the Cirque the next day. After your first ascent up from the lake you cross a meadow then descend to North Creek where you cross the creek. Then you follow a sketchy trail through a boulder field also marked by cairns. It runs along the east side of North Creek and North Lake. I understand there may also be a trail that goes high up over the boulder field.
You come out at the head of North Lake, beautiful, and on the west side of the lake make your second ascent. There is a fork in the trail as you hike along above North Lake. Definitely take the right or east fork up and around Arrowhead Lake. We did both trails and the left or west fork takes you around the lake thru a talus field and some difficult bouldering on the upper west side of Arrowhead. From the head of the lake you ascend 100 yards up to the rim of the Cirque. Amazing, jaw dropping views!

7 months ago

Great trail in August well marked.

great trail! spent 5 nights along the trail with several great day hikes including one to the top of wind river peak at 13192 ft! absolutely beautiful!

This trail used to be a favorite growing up. The boat dock is no longer there and access was very difficult. The trail has not been maintained and we had to go around MANY downed trees, sometimes easy other times not. Ascended to the lake by taking the direct route, descended by taking the river route. Both are in the same condition.

8 months ago

Beautiful valley with a nice little climb. Was there too early in the year to see the spring act intermittent, buy climbed up to the to anyway.

8 months ago

8 months ago

Hiked this trail many years ago. Started at the Elkhart Parking lot and dropped down and camped at Long Lake. Then continued on a 5 day loop called the Sky Pilot loop. Very pretty lake with good campsites