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Amazing trail, the views are second to none, just see the photos. This trails engages all 3 senses. Alongside the amazing views, there is the sound of the Tongue river rapids the whole way and the vegetation gives off lovely smells. We started the trail 1.ilea from the trail head where the road narrows because it was not possible to drive an RV closer, but this nicely extended the trail to about 11km up and back. Not to be missed.

8 days ago

Good trail, but hampered by the mist! Start and finish are the toughest. 2hrs 35minutes all told with a little picnic stop. Rainy lake genuinely does appear to rain in the vicinity of the lake

11 days ago

Fairly easy trail it took me and my four year old around a hour and a half to make it from the overlook back to the truck. Good way to kill a day

First time, had a blast!

12 days ago

I loved this trail! It was a perfect hike. If I didn’t stop and take so many photos I’m sure it would have only been an hour and a half hike. I saw some rock climbers on my way through. As you’re hiking up don’t forget to look back every once in a while. The views are beautiful. However I’m not sure if this is a western thing or not but there was no clear marking to the end of the trail. I kept going past the marker that the app used and I stopped at a meadow at the top

13 days ago

A lot of boulder hopping

21 days ago

got lost as fuck, don’t go unless you have a 4-wheel drive car.. there is barely any signs you’re going the right way.. walked mostly in muddy trails but saw a moose which was the highlight, we meant to go to porcupine falls but ended up going here 5 miles later... i don’t recommend if you’re not prepared and you absolutely have no fucking idea about directions or how to hike.. really sketchy and hard to stay on track

Great cross country ski getaway

1 month ago

Good trip

Absolutely relaxation. Beautiful walk

2 months ago

Love this trail! Did it last summer with my father as a bonding trip. We ended up running into a bull moose right before misty moon lake. And the next morning we woke up to a moose swimming! The views are wonderful along with the other people if you happen to run into any. :)

Love think hole! Mostly up hill but a wonderful view!

It was a good hike. There was snow and I lost the trail. Eventually crossed a road and down a hill to Bucking Mule Creek. After realizing my mistake, I had to hurry to get to the overlook and back to the parking lot. I saw deer and elk on this walk.

4 months ago

Nice hiking

Good memories.

Great drive through the mountains. Was driving to Custer's Cemetery/monument Many hikes in the area.

Beautiful country. Did on way back from Salt Lake to home. Did the little bighorn NP.

I did this back in August with a group of friends. Cloud Peak does not disappoint! We took 3 days to hike in, summit, and hike out and it felt comfortable. Easy to lose the trail at times due to miles of boulder - hopping when you make the summit push. Gorgeous wildflowers, amazing views! Listen to the weather though, you won't want to be up there when a storm blows through. It does have a narrow section that's not for the faint of heart!

Really hard trail but the views are worth it!

We hiked mid-October and it was a decent hike. Very rocky and not well marked....we missed a turn and went about a mile out of the way. Overall, good trail

Beautiful canyon, easy to follow trail, shady trailhead with pit toilets. Lots of poison oak along the trail, watch out.

A nice walk, even for flatlanders.

9 months ago

The views are spectacular on the trail and with a lot of other trails to join along the way. The trail itself is really rocky from beginning to end and not very clearly marked after the first half a mile.

9 months ago

Awesome view over the edge at the summit

9 months ago

Beautiful pond and lake, nice rocky trail. Lots of traffic. Not as quiet as we'd hoped, with the two legged as well as four legged kind. Lots of horse poop to dodge while we were there. My son reported the trailhead outhouse was in good condition. I'd go again, but in colder weather hopefully deterring much of the traffic.

9 months ago

Backpacked to this lake and camped before heading to do Cloud Peak the next day. Beautiful lake with lots of trees. We saw several moose both days we were there!

9 months ago

Definitely challenging. The amount of boulder fields makes it slow going, so start early! The views on the way up are breathtaking. We didn't quite summit because of our later start, so I can only imagine that the view at the top is well worth it. We will definitely be giving this one another try!

Views were amazing! Should have brought fishing gear, maybe next time. Saw a moose and lots of birds. Everyone was exhausted at the end - no complaints though, well worth the effort!

9 months ago

The hike itself wasn't anything spectacular, although it was very smokey when I visited (I heard on a clear day you can see out to the Tetons!). However, the Medicine Wheel itself is very interesting. Would recommend.

Amazing views!

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