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4 days ago

Narrow drive along river to trailhead was hard to manage when meeting car coming in opposite direction. Nice walk along river. Popular trail with lots of campers and hikers for late September. Glad we looked up to see neat "hole" rock formation near trailhead on walk back.

4 days ago

Trail is well cleared but not well marked. There's many well worn side trails, with no signs or markers in sight of which is correct trail, that can easily get you off track. Pleasant hike with gradual inclines through forest. Lots of horse droppings on trail to avoid. Stunning vista view and cross-canyon view of falls at end. Saw a couple of elk and many deer on hike out.

4 days ago

Trail is short and steep, but well maintained with built-in "steps" and no rock scrambling or off-the-beaten-path "climbing" required. Falls and pool at bottom are gorgeous and provide a chilly, refreshing swim! Several deep ruts in side road to trailhead required us to park on main road and walk 100 yards to trailhead.

stunning view

Nice easy trail

This trail is quite a climb and gets very rocky the closer you get to the lookout. They clomb is definitely worth it. AMAZING VIEWS.

The Canyon Trail is a very easy trail wnd the constant view if the river makes it very beautiful. It one of my favorite trails in the Bighorns.

Gorgeous scenery and awesome hike but tougher than you’d think for 13 miles. Once you get to the first lake, keep left to go to the second lake. If you go to the right you have to do a major detour and cross several creeks. Also watch out for moose.

top end of "moderate" at best, but great hike and awesome views, especially in late May or early June, due to the abundant wildflower displays!

Incredible hike! We completed this as a long day hike, which was certainly doable, although a bit much for one day (adding in time at the Twin Lakes for fishing). We will probably pack in and camp next time. The hike is definitely longer than 10.3 RT. Not counting a slight detour where we lost the trail briefly, my tracker showed 6.25-6.5 miles in, making for over 12 miles RT. The hike in took us right around 3 hours including some stops for snacks. It is definitely work the trek, as the Lost Lakes are absolutely incredible and the meadows along the way are stunning as well. Keep an eye out for moose, and be sure to bring your fishing gear... These lakes (esp Lost Lakes) are teeming with some good sized trout!

Good trail for a day hike.

16 days ago

Nice trail for a day hike.

Very pretty and easy, took us 1 hour to walk there and back.

Short and steep, beautiful scenery!

Absolutely beautiful hike and definitely worth the 18-ish mile effort. However, the trail can be tough to find in several locations and I don’t know that I could have finished the loop without AllTrails map and GPS. There are numerous other trails in the area which mostly seemed like footpaths so hikers could avoid those on horseback. I took several but wouldn’t have been brave enough to explore without GPS as a back up. I can see what others are saying about the condition of the trail. It was dry when I went but a little bit of rain would have made it a muddy mess. Definitely recommend doing this as a clockwise loop. I ran into some folks coming up while I was going down from Misty Moon Lake and they all looked miserable—it was uphill almost the entire way to Misty Moon.

22 days ago

This place is only for the marmots!

23 days ago

Summoned on August 26 2018 views from the top are definitely worth the sore legs. Make sure to bring warm clothes wind was bitter cold at the top.

Short, steep hike but definitely worth it!.

The waterfalls are nice. the trail is well maintained and starts by the lower loop where some camp spots are located.

We only hiked to Lake Solitude and back. while the Setting of the lake is beautiful, the trail to get there is nasty. Horse packers use this trail mostly and it shows. the trail gets destroyed by the horses and there is horse crap everywhere. never give this trail after it has rained, you'll be knee deep in horse shit.

Absolutely beautiful!

This trail is not 5.7 m it’s 7.7m. Totally beautiful!!!

Amazing views along the hike with lots of Birds, flowers, butterflies and marmots. The wheel itself is quite spectacular.

on Circle Park Trail

1 month ago


1 month ago

This is NOT a hiking trail - it’s an ATV road in the wide open space. The ALL TRAILS map doesn’t even show that you that you get to a lake - so download the topo map when doing this. There are some pretty spots and it’s an afternoon of outdoor exercise.

We did this loop as a day hike (very doable if you get going early, move at a good pace etc). It took us a little over 8 hours.....a quick lunch stop, a few photo stops and a stop to purify water. For the most part, the All Trails map was great and got us from start to finish. However, the trail gets sketchy in spots and the topo map would have been really helpful so I could have seen where we should be in relation to lakes, creeks etc (and saved us some time). Be prepared for the climb as you leave lake solitude and hike down into misty moon. Beautiful scenery!!

The views are simply beautiful. We took our dog who is not a trail hiker and she did just fine. The terrain is easy to navigate, with a few steep stretches but overall, easily doable for all. The signage is very vague and does not provide information on trail distance. If you make it to the small creek crossing with log to other side, that is your 2 mike marker. Our dog loved the dipping stop. The trail is active with hikers. We did talk with one seasoned trail hiker and she warned us of rattlesnakes past the creek. She ran into 2 not too up and turned around at that point. She also stated she has never seen them on the path to the creek and she has climbed this trail many times. Highly recommend the hike!

One of our favorite hikes in the Bighorns. This area is rich in scenery, wildlife and trails to hike.

1 month ago


Gorgeous trail! Perfect for a solid day hike.

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