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Couldn’t find the trailhead. Followed the general directions to the west tensleep trail but couldn’t get past the point at the campground. Make sure to research where it begins

13 hours ago

Barely saw anyone! Trail in good condition and especially nice as now until 6-15 there are no motorized vehicles allowed. Grade continues to go up the whole way but it’s a nice trip!

Love this hike. You need to have some patience with how rocky the road is past Hunter Creek corals. But it’s worth it! You cross one creek a way down the trail to climb some switchbacks to the lake. Florence Pass is also a great hike from here and Elk Lake

Great little hike in to the falls. quick little breather and a few switch backs and it pretty much a cake walk to mirror and lost twin. awesome fishing at both places and the bugs were really not a bother. pretty cool over night trip.

This a great trail to hike and well worth. the effort once you get to lookout. Great panoramic views!

3 months ago

My wife and I did this hike as one day out and back in July of 2019. A great hike in the Big Horns! There were a few creek crossings that were manageable. Will be doing it again and may camp near the lake. Be sure not to miss mirror lake along the way. The trail does not go along mirror lake so if you want to see it, pay attention to your map/gps so you don’t miss it! Saw a few folks fishing along the way, but other than that was not busy at all - which we love! Included a link below if you want to see a video of this hike for planning purposes. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gQvxvLpdAfM

6 months ago

What a beautiful hike! But they aren't kidding when they say hard! Definitely a difficult climb with a pack on. But the views were so worth it! Our original intent was to camp at lost twins... my legs were Not making it that far... we settled for mirror lake instead. Next year I'll make it all the way in!

Hiked this on Friday, 10/25. Very muddy and slick due to recent weather and hunters using their ATVs. It's a nice walk in the woods with steep parts in the beginning. Cool views to the east once you get to where the first hill levels off. As stated before, this follows an ATV trail, so you can make it as long or short of a hike as you want.

8 months ago

I would rate this as moderate to hard. A good Uphill climb the whole way. It’s used mostly as an ATV trail but I thought it was beautiful and a great hike. Fantastic views of Story! I went on a warm weekday and the parking lot was packed but I only ran into 2 hikers and 5 people on ATV’s. The turn around point is nothing special, just a random spot, you could continue on or turn around whenever you want. Besides there not being an end destination, I thought it was a lovely trail.

Amazing view! Completely worth the hike!

This is national forest trail 65, I wish All Trails listed it. The trail is defiantly over 10, I had 12.5 but I did lose the trail for about 15 mins. I think getting down to the shore of Twin lakes isn't accounted for, maybe that's where the extra milage comes in. There was one point where the trail didn't match up with the app, hence me losing the trail for a bit, and of course there happened to be a game trail that tempted me into a meadow where I lost the real trail. The trail is fairly well maintained, there are some steep rocky areas that I was glad for my poles but I didn't need them for most of the trail.

Great views from the top, especially of Steamboat Point, (another AllTrails destination). I would not take a 2WD car or low clearance vehicle to the trailhead as others have stated. If you park just to the right after the first creek crossing you can take a trail that will end up on the road to the trailhead. Not much further and it makes it a nicer hike.

9 months ago

Nice trail. My experience was that if you follow the map “trail” into Elk Park, there isn’t a trail and it was a lot of bouldering and off trail navigation. I kept trying to find the “trail” but besides a few karens, there wasn’t much of one. That was certainly a tough way to go but I did enjoy it. Once I got on trail 065 (the easier alternate route to Mirror Lake) it was more chill. Lost twin lakes were amazing and I chose to off trail it all around there and it was great! Several moose and an elk in Elk Park, so fitting! Great short trail and camping off of Mirror lake was busier but a ways off the lake it was very still and quiet both nights. I did hear elk calling throughout the night, way cool great weather all around!!!

Beautiful hike through the woods and open meadows with a waterfall along the way. Creek crossings very manageable.

9 months ago

We loved this hike, although we passed the lake before we realized we had gone too far! It’s easy to miss. We did this hike with our 8 month old and had no problems, the hard part has to do with the incline in my opinion. There is a nice waterfall about halfway in that people were turning around at when we went. The hike there is fairly easy.

I drove to the trailhead which requires a high clearance vehicle. The hike is then 2 miles round trip. The trail is nothing special but the views are spectacular. Plus they have an awesome high-altitude outhouse just below the summit.

9 months ago

Really nice trail with gradual climb and great scenic views. Follow Forest Service trail 63 which is how the trail is marked. I found Alltrails, GPS and USGS map to be mostly accurate.

9 months ago

Trail 068 from Tyrrell Work Center to East Tensleep Lake. Trail was easy to follow, even though it’s in a mainly dense part of the forest. Moderately strenuous in some parts but overall good.

Great trail for a beginner backpacking trip. Me and two friends hiked to the lost twin lakes in under 4 hours. After fishing at the lost twin lakes and catching amazing alpine cutthroats we hiked back down to camp in the grass basin under the lakes. We slept about 30 feet from a mother moose and calf the entire night. Great alternative hike from west ten sleep trailhead if Mistymoon is a bit to much for you. The view at the top is amazing cliffs dropping into the lakes

Amazing hike! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Amazing views and we saw so much wildlife. We left the trailhead at 10am and got to the lake at 1pm without rushing. We had lunch, walked around the first lake and went for a swim (very cold!!). We spent about 2 hours up by the lake and got back to the car by 5.30pm. Do it!

Easy going and only moderate the last bit to Twin lakes. A great day hike with good chance of spotting wild life!

Extremely rough road past Hunter Corral to Soldier Park. We made it in a Forerunner though. It was slow going and took about 1.5 hours from Hunter Corral to reach where we parked. We ended up walking the last mile of the road to trailhead 024 but we believe we could have driven it. Plan for extra time if you decide to drive to trail head. Trails and roads were easy to find using a map. Beautiful hike!!! We had to cross the creek in one spot. Water was about knee high. I highly recommend going all the way to the last lake, it’s the best one and has a small sandy area, perfect to eat and take a dip in the water. We saw one moose on lake #2. Ran into 3-4 sets of people hiking. Our hiking path totaled 11 miles.

the hike isn't bad at all. Amazing fishing and it's far enough it's not crowded. no fire allowed so that kinda sucks so bring in cooking stuff.

I hiked this trail with my 7 and 5 year old 2 days ago. We were the only ones on the trail. Last year there were mountain bikers, dirt bikes, and four wheelers trying to go up. One of our favorite trails!

10 months ago

horseback riding
10 months ago

Took my horse up to FSR 320 and back down but didn’t record on the way back as I was low on battery. It was rocky and uphill the vast majority of the way to 320 but great views and saw deer and quite a few elk, including some calves. Only passed one group of people and that was on my way out but I went on a weekday so I bet weekends are busier. Definitely a long trek but I’m glad I did it.

Great hike. Trail is 13.4 miles round trip, not the 10+ as advertised.

Got to the trailhead about 6am, highly recommend doing this hike early. Watching the sun come up made this about as good as it gets. 2 crossings where my boots got a little wet but very manageable. The lake had tons of mosquitoes so if you’re planning on staying up top a while bring big spray. Overall very beautiful trail.

Wow. Everything you could want in a hike. Made this in a day. Taking my time, I went out and back in about 8 hours. Eating lunch at the lakes. Ran into several moose. Waterfalls were running strong. With bug spray, bugs completely leave you alone. Highly recommend!

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