We started in the area and will head north
Mark very well we did on over night in Oct last year

Nice trail, good elevation changes and a nice hike through some beautiful open woods

1 year ago

I walked this trail from the south trailhead all the way to the Kewaskum segment and back. This was my first hike so I didn't know what to expect. What I discovered was the connector directions were only given going northbound. I am glad I paid attention to my surroundings because the trail at one point came to an end at the back of an apartment building hidden behind a pile of dirt. I have attached a photo with the directions. I am glad I took the photo and paid attention to my surroundings or I don't think I would have been able to find the trail on the return. Also on the return I found at Ridge Run the trail opened up to the park and did not give directions as to where it picked up again. I had to look around to find where the trail picked up again. I overshot the trail and had to backtrack. The scenery was nice. Despite running into a bees next and getting stung over 30 times I enjoyed my first hike.

1 year ago

Great place for a family hike!

easy to park, great scenery! , highly recommend.

mountain biking
2 years ago

great trail, one of my midwest favorites. Clearly marked and sufficiently cleared for trail running. Mostly in the woods so bring inspect spray.

Directions that linked to my Google Maps App took me past the trail head. TH is about 1 mile past the cemetery - sign is pretty small but you'll see if if you keep an eye peeled.

beautiful on a nice fall day.

5 years ago