mountain biking
6 days ago

Trail condition Sunday 6/18/17 a.m. - wet but rideable, some low spots are muddy. Definitely muddier and standing water on the UW trails. Slippery roots. Otherwise a nice ride!

trail running
7 days ago

Man I love this trail I run this trail all time. Me and are track/cross country team love running this trail.

2 months ago


great place to BBQ with friends and family and short but great trails.

mountain biking
10 months ago

There are really hard trails along the park stretch with steep parts and sticking toots: red and purple trails on the map, see the photo. Although, the trail along the river and the golf course is easy and enjoyable.

Super hard to find the trail head. Can get confusing with the paved trail vs. the off road version. Also it's really close to the road, so it's not very deep into nature. Path can get narrow at times but extremely wide at others. No maps/signs/ directions provided on how to stay on the trail. Not a difficult trail. Doesn't feel like hiking, more like wandering trying to figure out where your supposed to go.

11 months ago

mountain biking
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Awesome place to ride!

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