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Perrot State Park, where the Trempealeau River meets the Mississippi River, has 1,270 acres of diverse ecosystems. The river bank and surrounding wetlands provide wonderful habitat for the many migratory birds that travel through this area twice a year. Hardwood forests with mature black walnut, oak, and hickory are home to many animals, birds, and woodland wildflowers. Unique to southwestern Wisconsin and Perrot are the goat prairies perched high on the bluffs.

Really fun trail great workout going up all the stairs. View is worth it!

A very nice loop that usually takes us just over an hour to complete and is a good workout. We miss the old portion of the Perrot Ridge Trail that was closed due to flooding - it was a beautiful trek through a fern-covered ravine - and hope it can be repaired or reopened at some point. The new section is still nice and is an easier climb. There is one technical section just after the Perrot Ridge Summit (if going counter-clockwise) that can be tricky due to the steep terrain and loose sand and rock. As noted in the description we left, both summits provide excellent views of the surrounding Mississippi River Valley. This is easliy one of the more enjoyable short hikes in the Driftless Area and should not be missed if you are at Perrot and willing to do more than just Brady's Bluff.

Amazing hike and gorgeous views, highly recommended.

Main trail near water is currently flooded. Good hike/ trail otherwise.

great well kept trail and the overlook shelter is a great place to watch the sunset over Minnnesota's hills. the history of the trail, knowing it was built by young men by hand during the great depression to help support their families make the stone staircases and shelter an engineering marvel

This is a great trail in the Wisconsin State Park system! It’s not particularly difficult, but it is mostly uphill. The first portion is forested and the bugs are often atrocious because of the marshy landscape, so make sure to wear big spray. Also, there is a lot of poison ivy, so it’s important to stay on the trails. The second portion goes through a series of goat prairies with beautiful views of the river valley. It’s perfect to take a hike up with a lunch and sit at the CCC shelter at the top. The hike down is comprised of wooden stairs and a short trail hike, then you have to follow the road along the water toward the park center. This trail is a perfect afternoon hike and offers connection to water trails for kayaking, camping at the Perrot campgrounds, and access to the Trempealeau river bike trail. Make sure to stop at the Trempealeau Hotel for lunch or dinner!

Moderate loop with a couple of steep sections featuring a fantastic blufftop Mississippi River view. CCC-built shelter sits at vista. Part of the trail looks like it was built by the CCC. Bugs are an issue here, but they are not as bad as they are at some other parks in the region. Overall, Wisconsin is not really known for its hiking, but this is one of the best hikes in Wisconsin.

Hiked up last night to see the sunset. Beautiful trail, great park!

Great trail, great view at the top!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great trail, moderate, inclined and hilly the view is gorgeous once you reach the shelter, pretty much shaded, parking after 10am is a problem so plan ahead.

Beautiful view of Winona!

Monday, November 07, 2016

Great hike today! Left the hiking trail for the ski trails on the back side. I saw nobody while the full parking lot was hiking the front-side trail to Brady Bluff.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Amazing trail! Well-labeled throughout the entire park. The Western path up to Brady's Bluff seems to be what most people take up. It has a lot of wooden and stone stairs. I took the Northern path, which was a lot of fun and felt more like a gentle incline. The vista at the very top of both Brady's Bluff and Perrot Ridge are absolutely stunning! For an added bonus, the cross-country ski trails are a nice jaunt as well. They are mostly rolling hills although a few of them can get kind of steep. Like others have said, bring your mosquito repellent. The area is very shaded, and they can get nasty. The hiking only trails are sand +/- rocks. These areas, particularly anywhere that is steep can get very muddy and be very slick in the morning or after it has rained. Be careful. The cross-country ski trails are for the most part grassy and weeded. Almost all of the trail though is shaded which is very nice.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

This trail was great! Amazing views and a nice variety of difficulty.

Had a great hike! Half the hike was in the sun and half shade, make sure to wear bug spray though in the shade the mosquitos got savage!!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Amazing Views! Walked Over 4 Miles! Day Well Spent!!

It was a nice short workout with a beautiful view from the top.

wowzers! the view from Brady's bluff was amazing! Hike up and down bluff, I burned almost 700 calories!

fantastic hiking trails! beautiful views of both the bluffs and Mississippi River. tons of different types of flowers along the path. some challenging hills to climb made it interesting! we combined Brad's bluff and parrot bluff trail. Definitely worth the hour drive. we will be back!

bird watching
Sunday, August 16, 2015

Great hike. Combined Perrot's Bluff and Brady's Bluff into one hike. Both have 400' plus accents and descents. Spectacular views atop both off the bluffs.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Great views of the surround areas. I went canoeing, hiking, and water sampling in the same day for an AP Environmental Science class that I was helping student teach. It was a lot to do in one day, but it's a nice place to go with lots of open space for large groups.

While on a biking/camping trip at Perrot State Park, we decided to explore the hiking trails...Glad we did, amazing views from the top of the bluff, the scenery throughout the trail are beautiful as well.

Really cool stone stairways that take you up the bluff to amazing views and beautiful goat prairies.

Challenging and rewarding! Wonderful views of the Mississippi and surrounding bluffs of WI & MN. This is one of my favorites in the LAX area.

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