3 months ago

Great hike. Hiked in 3 miles and turned back to car. Trail is marked well and easy to navigate. Definitely signs of bear in the area, but did not have an encounter. I will most certainly visit this again when i have the time to do the whole route.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Heading to the NE Harrison Hills IAT Segment on Tuesday. Will post pictures and update once we return Thursday!

Weather and area were both beautiful. You can park free overnight at the shelter/rest area right off Cty B near Ski Hill Road. We started out on the IAT, but decided to turn back after discovering multiple piles of fresh bear poo and fresh tracks right on the trail. We decided to take Ski Hill Road to the Atv route which then linked up with the IAT. We found a beautiful site to camp at just beyond the bridge. Unfortunately we decided to cut our trip short after awaking to a bear at our site this morning. It did not appear aggressive, however, and scurried off after a loud/calm "Git Bear!" He did manage to sneak off with my cooking pot, though. Amongst our surprise morning visitor, we also encountered deer, hawks, and even a hummingbird and bald eagle right at our site. We also heard a decent amount wolves/ coyotes throughout the night. We couldn't have asked for better conditions. We left a large amount of wood behind for whoever decides to visit this amazing location next. Happy hiking!

2 months ago