Hiked the Blue trail on about April 17th.
because hikers hike opposite direction of bikes the marking is more for the bikes than hikers. poor in the beginning but better at end. this app helps greatly on poorly marked trsils.
lots of bikes but most are decent to share trsil.
lots of good hills and switchbacks.
Did 12 miles.
Good facilities at trail head.

Be prepared to say good morning to the trail runners

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mountain biking
11 months ago

Was fun to get out and explore the area. Lots of bikes and everyone was friendly.

Enjoyed the hike, This was a moderate trail to hike, the difficulties lied in the oncoming mountainbike traffic. hiking is done in reverse on the same trail as the biking. signs were not posted for hikers so you needed to check a reverse rotation for the biking traffic. still managed to stay on track... it was a beautiful area and showed the true Kettle Moraine...

mountain biking
Monday, June 13, 2016

As a first time-mountain biker, it's hard to say whether this is the best trail or the worst; I tried the orange trail after going through a couple of loops on the skills course (not knowing what I was doing) and started to feel comfortable. The skills course was a great preparation for the sticks, rocks, and other obstacles. The orange trail was around 5 miles, with beautiful scenery, wildlife, inclines, and declines. The other bikers were friendly and motivating. The area has a spot for a fire, grilling, and seating. All in all, this trail was a blast and recommend it to everyone of all levels!

Monday, May 09, 2016

hiking: it is an easy trail. 50% downhill, 30% flat and 20% uphill. hikers are asked to go counter clockwise, so that's why this trail is easy. the markers are from the bikers perspective, so pay special attention. I lost track and diverted out of my green loop but thankfully, I caught another pole that showed me that I was only on the blue trail and I was able to backtrack. it took me 3.5 hours for 8.5 miles, including the diversion.

for biking: considering 50% is uphill, this is definitely a moderate-hard trail, in my opinion. 80% of the bikers I saw struggled with some part of the trail.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

There are numerous well marked trails that offered hikes thru pine trees and hardwoods. I look forward to hiking here again. This is a new area favorite for me.

Thursday, April 21, 2016