great for trail running, plenty of hills!

Great trail

Loved the tower, but upon arrival I didn't know about having to pay. Lucky I had money and exact change on me.

11 months ago

Extremely pleasant(could have been the company)

1 year ago

Very enjoyable, nice hills and great scenery especially in fall.

trail running
2 years ago

This was some incredible trail running! Good amount of elevation change. Lots of rocks and roots to make for some great technical training. Very enjoyable day!

Backpacked it in early may. Beautiful trail with surprising hills/ scenery for the midwest.

Great wooded trail with some hills. Seems busy 4 hikers on a tuesday night in Sept.

Incredible hiking for the Midwest. To avoid skeeters and biting flies during hot wet summers - avoid low trails like Butler Lake. Hike higher portions of Ice Age Trail. Backpacking shelters are reservable - but expect human "visitors" dropping by your camp - even in off season. No one dangerous - just nosy locals.

I've hiked most of the ice age trail in this section, between shelters 1 and 5. It is very hilly and takes all you've got. But lovely shelters and a beaut of a hike.

mountain biking
6 years ago

I've biked this trail several times and found it to be great. There are several lopes based on distance and difficulty. Very nice senary and the trail provide a good amount of technical section

I went up to the trail to get some information and the skeeters also flew away with me! I'm guessing to fo late fall when they are all dead!

I hiked this trail in the middle of July and was almost eaten alive by biting flies during the day and skeeters at night!