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Governor Dodge, in the Western Coulee and Ridges landscape of Wisconsin, is one of the state's largest parks, with 5,270 scenic acres of steep hills, bluffs, and deep valleys plus two lakes and a waterfall.

Absolutely stunning hike. I loved the views and while it did have challenging portions that were very steep, it is well worth the effort!

Loved the falls. Very scenic and peaceful hike.

5 months ago

A pleasant 2.5 mile loop if you turn north at the dam. Plenty of stairs near the beginning. stay left at the junction to explore the rocks and cliff area, then down to.the lake. Moderate climb back up from the dam.

6 months ago

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8 months ago

Fun area to spend some time. Good elevation changes that make it challenging.

1 year ago


Easy beautiful hike to Stephens Falls. Returned back to the car via a portion of the Lost Canyon Trail

There are many different trails in Governor Dodge State Park, this description makes it sound like just one 10 mi loop, not true. We hiked the Lost Canyon Trail recommended by the ranger at the entry gate. It was a great choice. From the Stephens Falls parking area it is a 3 mile loop descending down to Stephens Falls which are beautiful then along the stream. During the hike there is a gradual sent up to the open grasslands and then you go back down into the woods and down to the stream bed. There are several canyon overlooks and great rock formations along the trail. Mostly tree covered with moss covered rocks. There is also an interpretive area that explains tamily farm that occupied this land from the 1800's until it was brought by the state for the park in the 1950's. provide a truly beautiful setting, especially for this hikerfrom dry Southern California. There is also an interpretive area that explains the family farm that occupied this land from the 1800's until it was brought by the state for the park in the 1950's

I was there for the night walk, where they light up one of the trails with candles at dark. That trail is nice and easy while still providing enough terrain for all family members to enjoy. Plus they had some star gazing, which was pretty cool.
A separate time we did some off-trail hiking for a bit more of a challenge, even climbed some is the rock bluffs. This is certainly a place to go if you're looking for some variety.

Personally my experience would have been more enjoyable had wind not complicated things, but from what we did see we enjoyed a lot. The shoreline is beautiful in the fall.

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2 years ago

Good variety of trail terrain and difficulties. The trail mentioned in the overview doesn't do this park justice. You have great lookout views, cool, stream hikes, open meadow areas, woods and rock formations, even a waterfall. In total, there are approx. 40 miles of trails. It also has decent camping with some large sites, horse camping, canoeing and more. Sadly, the present Gov has allowed hunting inside the park, thus the 4 star rating.

Not a fan! We have been to a lot of State Parks and this is by far the worst. In a place where you must pick up your dog poo (and we always do) they think nothing of letting horses crap all over the trails and no one is expected to pick that up? Give me a break! We spent so much time watching out where we stepped that we couldn't enjoy the scenery! They do make collection bags that you can attach to the saddle that collects this sh&$. (Pardon the pun) or what about the good ol fashioned shovel? We will not be going back!

Hiked an area off of a parking lot and found a trail that was really neat! Rocky formations and a pretty park in general.