Sunday, September 24, 2017

It's not truly a hike as it's a paved path and there isn't really any alteration in the altitude. I only walked down a few miles but in those miles I wasn't very impressed. I parked in an education center and just started walking along the road, not really knowing if I was on the trail or not. It wasn't far and I found where the trail head was marked. It was nice at first; there is a little bridge to cross over and then there is a set of railroad tracks and then the trail veers to the left but if you look straight ahead there are tiny little...boxes? Made out of pvc pipes and plastic...I would have loved to go poke around but I was a little chicken since I'm not familiar with this area and I was alone lol. I think there was a sign back between the five structures but it wasn't facing the correct way. I continued on my journey and came to an underpass that was tagged with all kinds of nonsense. I crossed over two pretty large streets (although there weren't many cars passing when I was there). There is a spot where it says bikers and inline skaters should stop and pay $5 but I didn't see anybody actually stop to make the payment. The trail runs behind some apartments and some houses. I guess I might be a little disappointed because I was hoping I was further out from the city (I probably should have looked at a map lol) and that it would be more of a rural trail. I did get passed by probably 10 bikers and 5 other walkers/runners.