6 months ago

Nice walk. Limited spring/summer views.

9 months ago

10 months ago

great views

1 year ago

Beautiful views, but take care. Had an encounter with a bear during an early November hike.

It is a great trail but if you are going to do the loop make sure to bring a compass because the trails are no very well marked and it is easy to get lost. Luckily there are roads everywhere and since it's a peninsula you're never really too lost

Easy hike to the shores of Green Bay. As previous poster reported cool rock formations created by visitors. Unfortunately I was there on a day 2 county workers were knocking them down citing danger to children if rocks were to fall. Well worth the walk for great views of Green Bay.

5 years ago

Short fun hike with kids age 4 and 7. The bottom of the trail is a rocky shore of Green Bay with curiously positioned rock formations made by prior visitors and a wooden teepee shelter sort of thing. Great view and just the right level of difficulty for a young family walk.