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Spectacular scenery, a full range of recreational activities, and a full-time naturalist make this a very popular park. The nearly-10,000-acre state park is 2 miles south of Baraboo and about 40 miles northwest of Madison.

2 days ago

I loved the path this trail took around the lake. The viewpoints were beautiful. The cool air was refreshing. The trail was beautiful.
Unfortunately, the path is being paved over so it can be hard on the knees and ankles. Also, the trail does not allow overnight campers so allow time and energy to do it in one day. Also there were $41 in camp and park entrance fees. In addition to all that, the trail and campsite were crowded with loud families. I expected this loop to feel more like a backpacking trip and less like a family vacation tourist trap.

I suppose I should have researched more.

my favorite trail. I live in the area and always love going to this trail. its busy but worth it. wish people would stay off the waterfall (as there is a sign that says u can't go on it) so it can be there years from now

8 days ago

Very nice fun family trail. Beautiful views of the lake.

Wife and I were in Madison for crossfit games. Wonderful hour drive to get here through beautiful country. We parked on south side of the lake and the road in was breathtaking pretty!

We hiked a clockwise loop up the west bluffs and then back on the east forrest trail. 2 totally different experiences. West was a climb in slippery rocks up and down and lovely lake vistas. Forest on east side as a wide smooth path and we really made time. Big climb down from east side to south beach. Slow and treacherous.

Great fun trail! Definitely coming back.

19 days ago

Had fun on this hike. It was challenging at some points. A lot of elevation changes at the first part. Be careful of slippery rocks on decents. Very nice fews off of the bluffs overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains.

20 days ago

I have done this hike twice and both times it was amazing! The rocky steps on the East Bluff are a little tricky to go up, but it is definitely doable for the average person. I can’t wait to come back!

20 days ago

Challenging trail with beautiful views.

24 days ago

I found that the mileage was slightly off. Don’t like the cracked and bubbled asphalt on West Bluff because you have to watch every step. Watch the slick quartz on the Balanced Rock trail but it is gorgeous!

nature trips
25 days ago

Arrived early and had the place to ourselves. Trail starts out easy and then you encounter rocks to get to the waterfall. Still easy going climbing around the rocks and worth it to get to the waterfall. Great place to photograph..

26 days ago

Nice steep hike, good for some off trail climbing. Good challenge for all ages and dogs, beautiful views!

Easy to hike with a dog or the whole family, part of the trail is a bit tricky to identify. Great hike beautiful views

Nice hike and a great view! Well worth it.

Great hike for the entire family.

Strenuous but a great hike, both up and down. It’s longer and steeper than you think!

Great trail difficult but worth the time you can always come down the easy way

Short but interesting

30 days ago

This trail is short but challenging. Very cool rock formations.

a real nice hike, lots of good viewpoints overlooking the lake. and at both ends if your feet get tired you can cool them off in the lake.

Great hike, excellent activity, great view of the lake once at the top. Be ready for some heavy duty climb to the top!! Take water and snacks.

loved this climb. gorgeous rocks create an engineering marvel of stairs. be prepared and be safe. it's a busy trail and courtesy makes it enjoyable.

It was a nice morning for a hike.

inaccurate title so giving it 3 star. Map depicts a loop combining *part* of east bluff trail and east bluff WOODS trail. check park map carefully. Be prepared, this area has paved areas and strenuous rock stair ascents.

Amazing views of the lake. My 4, 6, and 9 year did the whole thing. It is harder coming down than going up.

Great climb and we'll maintained. Definitely worth the stop!

1 month ago

No doubt a bit steep (and very narrow spaces at points), but once you hit the top the view is absolutely gorgeous.

1 month ago

Awesome! Super steep start but worth the effort. Amazing views. We did tumbling rocks on the way back. Neat as well.

Wow, went up this with my wife without doing research ahead of time. Amazing trail but holy cow were we not physically ready. Did it anyway and it was worth it.

rock climbing
1 month ago

I love the rock climbing at the lake; it’s some of the best I’ve done. Balanced rock is fun to see, but beware the tourist days, they can get pretty busy. If you want to avoid the rush in the summer months, get there around 7am to set your top rope and claim a spot.

During the summer weekends there are so many people hiking up and down this much-trafficked trail. However, it’s definitely a must see. And, if you’re into climbing, there are so many places to set-up along the trail!

Personally, I think the climbing is much better than the hiking, but if you prefer hiking, the trails are very well maintained, though the lower trails at the base of the climbing routes can be a little tricky to navigate with rocks. We take our dog (a small puggle) and she loves to clamber over the trails.

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