This 48 acre park, claimed by the Menominee Indians as their ancestors, features an ancient Indian burial ground from the Copper Culture People, artifacts from which were recently tested to approximately 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. Dr. Thomas C. Pleger, anthropologist, archeologist at University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley, wrote in 2000 that string found attached to an ancient copper knife recovered at this site was preserved, in part, by the copper oxidation, enabling a radiocarbon date to be made. At present, this is the oldest cemetery site in Wisconsin, and one of the oldest metal use archaeological sites in North America. A tour guide will walk you through the displays to help demonstrate the significance of this site, giving an early look at Archaic Indian lifestyle, an early trade network, and first copper toolmakers in the country. The museum researchers are working on updates and, given only small funding by the state, appreciate donations. No admission fee is charged.