Blue Mound State Park is on the tallest hill in southern Wisconsin, about 25 miles west of Madison. The 1,153-acre park is a popular place for swimming, hiking, camping, cross-country skiing and mountain biking (both double and single track) and finding peace and solitude.

These trails can be wet in the spring, but it's a great hike. Save some energy to climb the 2 observation towers at the top of "the mounds".

7 months ago

muddy in a few spots, as it should be for a trail run. amazed so few were out on a 4 day holiday weekend!

7 months ago

Awesome trails!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

This is a popular short trail in a popular state park. Starting from the trailhead in the northeast, you will descent into oak forest. Along the way giant chert blocks the size of cars to houses give hint as to why Blue Mound State Park is the highest point in southern Wisconsin: these blocks broke from the flat hill top where the trailhead is. This chert cap slows erosion of Blue Mound. Locals call the chert flint, hence the trail name. The trails circles in the woods until it climbs back to the west trailhead. This is essentially a loop trail: the two trailheads meets at the big hilltop lawn. Information signs along the trail are well-designed and interesting. But there is decidedly no views along the trail. Nonetheless, once you are done with the trail, do check out the west and east lookout towers -- they offer splendid views of south central Wisconsin, including Madison, Baraboo range, Sauk city, and Wisconsin river valley. The trail contains some stairs, though not a problem for young kids.

didn't think this was a very easy place to find. The view was nice but the hiking was rather boring.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Awesomest trail in southern Wisconsin very exilherating and hard core not good for an intermediate rider

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