I love these trails. I go frequently as there are a few different trails that offer a number of difficulty levels. Some trails allow horseback riding as well as hiking and cross country skiing. I haven't seen any horses in the trails but have come across there manure piles so watch where you step. The trails are dog friendly. Caution during hunting season though as this fall I ran into hunters on the trails twice. They were actually squirrel hunting and some of the bullets were hitting trees a little too close for comfort. Also in the summer the tree growth can get pretty thick and mosquitoes can be unmanageable. Absolutely beautiful scenery though.

3 years ago

This is a great trial that can be hiked in shorter sections. It has several access points, off of Hwy 78 and near the Cedar Ridge Campground (I think the map shown on All Trails gives an incorrect location). I think it's technically called the "Blackhawk Unit of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway" (http://lwr.state.wi.us/section.asp?linkid=233&locid=50). I have mainly hiked north of the "horse arena" or whatever it is... very quiet. Some little snakes and prickly pear! I like to visit the mounds. Maybe I went to a different trail, but I never saw views of the river. We hope to hike more of the southern sections soon.

I think this trail is closed. My girlfriend and I followed the All Trails map to a farm. We asked for directions but no one knew what we were talking about.

5 years ago

Pretty, historical trip with nice river views.