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The trail/fire road from the main road is very overgrown and flooded in some areas. Huckleberry trail can be easily missed. I had to circle back after missing it, and noticed the red marker only from the opposite side of the trail. Huckleberry was less muddy but still a lot of wet spots. It started snowing on my trip and it was beautiful. A lot flatter than I expected for a high point, but the 11.5 mile trek was still tiring. Took me just under 5 hours with lots of stops for pictures along the way and at the top.

5 days ago

This is one of those hikes where the views from the info center are better than from the top of the mountain. There were way too many people for my taste, and they were the kind that just sit at the top, hogging the mountain top to themselves. This is just a simple tourist attraction, nothing worth climbing unless you want to weave around the non-hikers out for a walk and wait for a chance to climb the rocks on top. This is also a gravel path, so it really can't even be called a hike. Took and hour for me to go up and down and so far it's been a least favorite adventure of mine.

Good views from the landing up top. It took about an hour and 10 minutes round-trip.

Always awesome

Did it in the rain and the clouds are the top we’re breathtaking. Want to do it again when the sun is out. Beautiful!!!!

We completed this as a group of twelve, including an 8-year-old, 9-year-old, and four teenagers. There are blue signposts along the way giving you information about how Seneca Rocks was formed from sedimentary rock, tree slide, iron ore, etc. The little kids had to stop and read each one, which was annoying at first because they’re pretty close together, but then they were awesome as us parents needed to stop and catch our breath. The signposts stopped when the switchbacks became really steep, unfortunately. We were three out of shape Moms, and we stopped at the top of each switchback to catch our breath. Although the trail is in a forest setting, we found it to be beautiful with great views along the way. At the end of the trek, you will arrive at an observation deck which looks out over the valley. We stopped, took a million pics, had some snacks and headed back down. You have the option of climbing up some rocks, and the older kids and the younger adults in our group did just that. With the warnings about the deaths over the years, most of us stayed on the deck. As previously mentioned, you cannot really see Seneca Rocks on this trail. That was a little disappointing, but expected, as we’d read the reviews. Bring lots of water on this hike if you’re even slightly out of shape.

1 month ago

This has to be the coolest rock in West Virginia! I went here on a whim and was pleasantly surprised to find a switchback trail leading to the very top (where the brave can advance beyond the lookout). I never expected to find a hike like this in this part of the country, as the top of the rock reminds me of Angel's Landing in Utah. It's a tough hike, but can be done by anyone in alright-shape by taking it slow.

Absolutely beautiful view! Well worth the climb.

Wonderful hike with lots of altitude! Def got my heart racing. We finished it up with a rest at the top in about 2 hours.

switch backs almost all the way up but beautiful views from the top

Did his hike yesterday, was absolutely beautiful. You go through areas of nothing but pine, that smell amazing. On the way down to Judy springs, it is all downhill, and back of course is all up. Where you start (Spruce Knob) is known has the highest point in WV. So it is a workout for sure, but once you get to Judy springs it is sooo worth it! Nice big waterfall you can jump into, very deep beer where it falls, I jumped right towards the middle of the whole and seemed about 13 or so feet deep. Lots of nice places to camp as well. Highly recommend the trip with friends!

High Meadows trail was nice but I wasn't nearly as impressed with the meadows as the ones coming up the Judy Springs Trail. Lumberjack was very muddy and it took us way more time than it should have. Both trails were also lined with stinging nettles.

I would do it once but not as a repeat hike. It’s more of an ascent or climb than a hike. The view from the platform is lovely but it is of the valley below and not of the rock formations. We were under the impression that the trail led to the actual rocks so this was a bit of a letdown. Progress markers on the trail would be a great addition. One and done for us.

2 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail. It is a climb on the way to the viewing platform but it is well worth it. The trail was wide and well maintained.

2 months ago

Nice cardio hike. Beautiful viewpoint at the top.

This is a nice hike that is set up for everyone. Well maintained path to the observation deck that included benches for people rest along the way. The bonus to this hike is when you get to the top and can go out on the fins of Seneca Rocks.

The trail was relatively well marked. There were a couple spots that we had to question whether we were pushing forward in the correct direction. We also were hiking this trail through a huge rain storm so it was fairly flooded in areas.

3 months ago

great trail and absolutely gorgeous view

It was ok, but definitely would not do again. View is lovely, but nothing spectacular or worth all the people on the more narrow switchbacks. I would count it as an easy climb if crowds were low.

We set out to hike this to the spruce knob summit but were discouraged by the overgrown beginning of the trail. This was early July and the growth was as tall as me and we stepped in a huge mud puddle right past the gate. The map we were given at the spruce knob lake campground had the only trailhead at the summit going down. If you are willing to do some serious bushwhacking I’m sure it’s worth it. If we had come earlier in the season or closer to fall I’m sure it would be fine but mid summer it was like no one had hiked this trail in years!

The native bleeding heart are in bloom right now and gorgeous along the trail! Not too hard just long & a bit hard to follow like others have said.

3 months ago

Moderate is the perfect way to describe the difficulty - a gradual ascent up to the platform through switchbacks, your heart will be pumping but not so much that you need to stop very often. The view is wonderful & as it’s a mostly shaded path through the woods it can be done on even hot days. I recommend parking in the heritage house lot rather than taking the trail from the visitor center & just stopping by that after the hike.

Steady climb up. Lots of switchback but a great trail. Very we maintained. Ton of people out- kids and puppies included. It is a good bit of cardio and is not a light walk. Proper footwear is encouraged . The overlook platform is very nice. We climbed a little past that on the rocks. This is only suggested if you are confident in your skills and have proper shoes on. There’s a lot of climbers utilizing this as well. Moderate is a good rating.

quick hike, and a must see.

3 months ago

Fantastic view from top and great hike! Forest Road 214 is blocked off at the bottom due to washed out gravel road. Have to park at gated area and proceed on foot on gravel road for 0.8 miles. Trail head is marked by small sign 507 to the right of road. Then, proceed 1 mile up fairly moderate slope to top of North Fork Mountain Trail. (Note: Because the road is washed out and you can't drive past the gate, this hike is total of 3.6 miles out and back--need to add in the extra gravel road portion both ways.) Trail is well-marked and well-kept. Did not see anyone else on the trail the entire time, hiking on a Thursday.

3 months ago

Great view from top! Nice, steady 1.5 mile climb to top. Gravel path entire way up, with switchbacks and some steps. Moderate rating is accurate, despite gravel path, due to steep grade up. Watch footing at top in wet (slippery) conditions.

4 months ago

Great view from top...

Trail was pretty nice and not too steep, very gradual incline. It did get confusing because we followed map on here and it’s not marked well. If coming down the mountain like I was about 4 miles in there is a 90 degree turn and a small path leading the opposite direction, take that one. The trail less followed is the way to go and it was very grown up on this part of trail. The first half I really enjoyed though. All in all I enjoyed it and great views at the top.

Excellent hike and fantastic views. Take some time to go in the staffed center at the trail head. Interesting stuff in there including a 3-D model of the surrounding topography. Carry a camera and binoculars to enhance the hike.

Hiked this trail May 28, 2018. Trail head is not marked but it is easy enough to find at the Forest Service Road 274 junction. Trail has some unique features and is quite enjoyable. Water was prevalent so be prepared for very soggy ground in places. There are no markings on first part of trail that follows an old fire trail. Finding the turn off of the fire trail is difficult. There is orange flagging and a small rock stack but it is easy to miss. The turn is approximately 100 - 125 yards beyond where a large culvert pipe (about four feet in diameter) has been washed out. Turn left up the embankment past a line of large boulders. From that point the trail gets narrow but eventually blue placards become common. There are some fantastic views off the north side of the ridge if you take very short aside trails. Saw some great wildlife as well as some exceptional plant varieties. Enjoy

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