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6 days ago

We drove an hour to where AllTrails mapped us for this trail, only to find it was in the middle of a residential neighborhood with no apparent parking. Waste of time, unless someone can provide better directions for where to park and get to trailhead. :-/

We did this one clockwise as a trail run last week. There is a greater than 1 mile stretch where it is very steep and we had to walk at least 1/2. It was a challenge to find the trail from the Overlook initially and then lots of washed out trail with tree debris from all of the flooding on the back half. It was much harder to navigate than a month ago (understandably, given the weather!). Great if you are training for hills!

This is a moderate hike. I started at Millrace Trail ( Yellow) to ascend up the mountain at the beginning. It does appear someone has marked the trees again so even though the trail may disappear at times you can follow the marks to make it through. Overall a good hike with a nice view on top.

The trail is not accurately Mapped. You can follow along for about 15 minutes or so and You are still on a trail but it is not the trail that is shown on the app. I ended up navigating my way down the mountain and back across to where my vehicle was on my own.

3 months ago

going clockwise is the better route. use yellow blaze up to blue blaze at tuscarora. Can lose trail at shckeys knob. Grateful All Trails has location feature to show you your position relative to the trail. Tuscarora trail poorly maintained and poorly marked. Again you can lose your bearings but the app was good. Only negative was the app kept freezing up.

the trailhead is basically at the intersection of Tobaggan Hill Trail and Moundbuilder Loop in the Woods Resort. There is a parking lot next to the gravel road which leads up to a fence with the trail head (and sign for Wintercamp trail) to the left. As previously mentioned, the first part of trail is straight up to the ridgeline.

(address of trailhead)
758 Toboggan Hill Trail, Hedgesville, WV 25427

I cant find the trail!! When you click directions it takes you to a golf course/residential area. Can someone please provide directions?

Not bad. If you go clockwise you ascend to a ridge line and then the hike turns into a easy stroll along a flat ORV trail until you turn left again and descend back down to the parking area.

white blaze is this trail. views on Tuscarora trail blue blaze. bear tracks were cool

Pulled over 11 ticks off my dog after this hike. The middle half of the loop has not been maintained and it’s easy to lose the trail. There wasn’t a designated overlook either if that’s something you’re looking for.

Completed this one yesterday, with my almost 3 year old. Its a beautiful hike. I'd suggest starting at millrace trail and start the hike clock wise. My toddler did great on the switchbacks and we prefer to do the hard part first, so we didnt mind the ATV trail at the end. Looks like someone made it just to complete the loop and take care of the trail/shelter. The shelter is amazing and you can tell vehicular access is needed. You have to cross brush creek and there are a few trees down (easy to go around), but weve literally had record breaking rains/winds in this are recently so I'm sure the trees will be cleared soon. We saw NO trash. This trail is being kept very nice!!! it is beautiful!!!! Can't wait to go back.

Definitely NOT easy. The first mile is straight uphill. It is also about 2 miles to the ridge and back (out-and-back is about 4 miles). I took my very fit 71 year old aunt on the trail because of the easy rating and she was out of breath needing frequent breaks on the way up. The view from the top even with power lines was worth the trip though.

trail running
8 months ago

Arrived at the trailhead at 9:30 for what was to be a 6.3 mile loop. We elected to begin the trail on the foot path as opposed to walking the ATV trail through the gate. Climbed 1.7 miles up the side of the mountain and began running, when possible- going counter clockwise at the T. To this point it was a typical East Coast hardwood forest rocky trail with spring just emerging. Spectacular really. One detractor on the ascent was the sound rifle fire from the local firing range sleepy Creek. Had hunted here before many years ago and kind of forgot about that location. Not a sound I would like to get used to hiking but we were out of ear shot eventually. There was some sign of Horse traffic and even bear poop. Once up on the ridge there were areas that were just perfect for trail running. Rock outcrops, great vistas and simply lovely to run. I made the mistake of geeking out on really large rock formation which happened to be right after the turn we should’ve made to head back down the truck. A major oops. Ended up doing 13.86 miles. Thankfully we are prepping for long trail run, the West Virginia trilogy out in Dolly sods area, so we were well stocked with hydration and snacks. Bottom line, this is a great hike, but you purists might not enjoy the ATV trails. It’s not The At. If there are any botanists out there, maybe you can explain the species devils Walkingstick that I found at the aforementioned rock outcrop. Species I’ve seen down on Maryland Eastern shore and I thought it was a wetland species. Thanks to all the rest of you who have shared this post and remember don’t miss your right turn (doing the loop counter clockwise) unless
you got a lot of snacks and a lot of H2O. Enjoy the trail and happy Spring.

10 months ago

Hiked this March 4 2018. We did it counterclockwise. The first half of this hike was not enjoyable due to the ATV/truck damage to the trail - deep muddy ruts - and trash everywhere (McDonalds containers, plastic oil containers, beer cans etc). Won't bother going back - lots of other places to hike!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Trail was ok, nothing fancy about it. There a couple spots at the very top that had a decent view but during the hike it was pretty average. I’ve been hiking a lot during the winter months and don’t see many people, but this trail doesn’t look like it’s a highly used one which is good as well.
Had to refer to the map a few times to pick up the trail but it was marked decent most of the way.

trail running
Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fine for a little exercise (trail running). Great place to be if you're just looking for some solitude in the woods. Not the place to go if you're looking for big payoffs and epic views. Worth checking out for the solitude.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

No overlook, trail markers changes color, twice.

one of the most challenging hikes we've done in a while....very ...and i mean very secluded...to the point where you have no idea whether you are actually on a trail...or just bushwacking randomly through the forest..of course we also choose to turn off the trail as suggested here and set out to explore the Long ridge trail that is on the opposite side of the lake (no trail marks and animal trails for a guide) However, we would definetly come back to explore more.

Monday, August 07, 2017

We started off behind the gate and I think next time I would start off on the yellow blazed trail to the left of the gate. The round trip hike took us 4 hours exactly with a short 15-20 minute snack break. You can't really see the mountain views while on the trails except for a couple of spots. There are a couple of spots where we weren't sure which way to go and had to consult the map. All in all it was a nice hike.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Up hill at first not marked good.Top is a beautiful view.off the trail a bit,is a bathroom and shelter.and off a bit again is a covered spring n ground.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Nice trail if you are just looking for a few miles to do or want to be alone in the woods. Not the most scenic hike but a few nice overlooks. If you follow directions from this app once it says you have arrived via gps there's a small dirt road on the right take that down to the parking lot and the trail starts either to the left at millrace trail or behind the red gate on the road.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

were starting moundboulder loop and end at spruce pine hollow park 10 or ore miles.Beautiful view on way past Eagles nest.Stop on the big rocks and take note view,Before heading on up blue trail towards pine hollow,park a car at Boulder loop and another at spruce pine,Nice view of water and mountains.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This is a good trail but not to be hiked till fall, the ticks are terrible here. Had over 50 on me and the dog!!!! The entrance is to the left of the red gate sign posted on a tree. Have your phone charged and use the GPS as the trail is not clearly marked.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

easy.top of hill make left will take u up 2 powerline.nice view.keep going till end of trails will see trail marker third mountain,there is a stone Rd not sure where 2 .that is 9 mile or less roundtrip,we went the other way also another day.to find coal.we did and we hiked to sleepy Creek lake.nice 2 do on hot day.and go swimming.that hike was bout 9 or less.u can do in few hrs.some inclines.but nothing bard.

Did that with a friend and seen the lake..very nice hike..U can park at the end of maverick road,or at the end of audobon road off of mountain lake road..places to access parking.A very nice forest to go thru..and nice water creek..and there is a bridge and go on up..to switchbacks..best to leave a car at spruce pine hollow..and the other at mountainboulder loop...another access is that..nice hike..and lots of water..

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Very easy

Monday, May 01, 2017

There is a lot to write about. First, I had gps on my phone to ensure we were walking the path right. Since there is no map and this is private property, it was a safety measure on our end. The address goes to 706 Packhorse.. it's on a dirt road behind a few houses. it rained the night before and a little in the morning so be careful. I have a Chevy Cobalt and was able to steer around the muddy potholes. I parked right next to the red gate. The trail starts kind of behind the house... it has a yellow blaze and says will/millhouse trail (can't remember exactly). We went clockwise on the trail because of the longevity and trust me.... you're better off doing it that way.
Basically, you follow that trail... it's pretty defined by the blazes and the path. You'll get to a stream and have to cross it....Make sure you have waterproof boots...we crossed it no problem because we have goretex boots. The path is pretty tough as there are short switch backs meaning the incline was intense.
You'll reach the end of that trail and will need to go right. The blazes will be blue. Once you reach the top, the rest of the hike is easy. You'll have some nice views, going through a nice path of flowers, etc. It was nice and peaceful and we didn't run into anyone at all. You go down pretty steep... just look at the trail and the elevation information, that helped a lot.
We had 3 Liters of water which was fine. I loved it so thank you to whoever made it!

i live rit on the out skirts it a realy good spot alot more trails than listed here il

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pretty good hike. Had a hard time finding the starting point, but a beautiful Forrest setting.

A lot of uphill walking. Pretty and quiet trail! I suggest doing it with a partner.

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