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Known as a family adventure resort, Pipestem Resort State Park has much to offer such as mountain bike and zipline tours. As it is located on the east rim of the Bluestone River Gorge, make sure to check out the recreational water activities which include: stand up paddle boarding, white water rafting, guided fish tours, tubing and kayaking! Check out the dining options, campsites, hiking trails and other outdoor activities here. There is something to do for everyone in the family!

Killer hike down, strenuous hike back up...

4 months ago

around noon mid-late November. this trail is pretty great as long as you start at the trail head past the playground at McKeever lodge. there is a great rock cliff at the end to the right called 'heritage point'. we accidentally went part way the other way because we forgot from last year but its a great view no matter. it gets a little steep by heritage point but doable. the leaves are a little treacherous on some of the trail and the rocks (because of the fire road) crumble under you some but still a great trail with the family!

5 months ago

My wife and I were ready for a little adventure, but got more than we bargained for. Our Alaskan Malamute had a great time, especially during the river crossing. The 2-3 mile downhill portion was rough on “old” knees, but would be less strenuous for more youthful participants. I Suggest finding two walking sticks to help with your balance during the river crossing. Current wasn’t too bad this day, but it could ruin your day if not careful. The trek back to the top provided good cardio but wasn’t as bad as the downhill piece. We love Pipestem and all it has to offer.

10/05/19 - We rate this trail as EASY to Moderate. A party of 2 adults pushing 50 & 2 teens - Parking ? The pool was closed so we parked there. The trailhead starts somewhere around the pool. It’s not marked or we missed it? Using the AllTrails map. We followed the paved road down to the lake and took a right at the beach. Follow the Blue blaze and you’ll be fine. The trail is wide and well marked with signs and blaze. Very nice hike with views of the lake. Trail conditions were very dry when we were there. A few low places look like they could be muddy. Watch out for poop bombs! Horses and Dogs frequent this trail. The trail ends at the spillway. Follow the trail back up to the paved road. If you’re in the area we recommend you check it out- nice trail.

There are a couple steep parts that older individuals may have trouble with, but other than that this trail is perfect for beginners and experienced hikers. Also, it has access to other trail systems in the park so if you are only wanting to do this trail system follow the color blocks posted on trees as indicated on the arrow of the signs for the trail.

Starting from McKeever, this is a steep downhill for quite a while. Big gravel on the service road for the first mile or so. Once we hit the river, we had a time figuring out where to cross. We finally looked across and found a picnic table as our goal. The water was about 2.5 feet so a bit more than wading for about 100 yards. Really beautiful especially down by the water. Even got passed by a local water snake (non venomous). Be ready to get a bit wet. But a great walk!

This was a fairly easy trail. Most of it is a one lane gravel road mainly used for the park recreational vehicles. The scenery changes from Road to Meadow to footpath. The view is beautiful but it also includes powerlines. You start on the river trail just below the lodge past the swing sets. We turned right onto Canyon rim and then veered to the right onto Heritage Trail. Heading back is pretty much all uphill.

Please wear good shoes the trail is mostly rocks; plus the rocks add to the difficulty. Would not recommend for beginners. Happy trails y’all

Beautiful hike. Took a few mis-turns ... but follow all trails and you’ll be fine. Really not complicated to follow. The one turn you take off the main road type trail is possible to take at two points. One at a turn in the road where the side trail goes up the mountain on your left and downwards to your right. You can go right there for a shorter hike. Or left to head to a nature center(?) which I did. Pretty views tho. The second turn is made right before a clearing for telephone wires which has a info post thing there. You have to walk through an area that’s had a lot of maintenance so there’s like boxes and stuff there. Just blaze on through that tho. And make your next available left. And boom! Pretty views. Lovely walk. Went on a freezing, snowy Monday morning. Unsurprisingly, I was alone the whole time. Anyways, happy trekking!

so it was March 24th, but lo and behold we had snow and lots of it! That had its own treat. I love hitting trails in all seasons. For example you could hear the river below but you couldn't even see it. I found the trail a little confusing, ended up looping twice, it was good exercise. Wear good shoes, there's a lot of tree roots and rock, but if you're into it it's great!

Trail wasn’t as well kept as I would have liked.

I stayed on the River Trail not realizing I was supposed to turn onto the Canyon Rim Trail which takes you to the Heritage Point. Still, this was a fantastic hike. I saw one other person the entire time I was on the trail. There is ample parking near the trail head.

Took the dogs for a walk on this trail back in 2013 and they loved it all though they was wore out when we got done. Most definitely want to take plenty of water if it's in the heat of Summer.

Started a leisurely walk from McKeever Lodge..exited the lodge and walked across the entrance road to the right and walked down the paved handicap access road to the right of the Arboretum (Long Branch Trail .3 miles) to the lake handicap fishing pier. Took the Lake Shore Trail (2.2 mile loop) left towards the dam. After crossing the dam the trail enters the woods a bit above the lake shore and one needs to be careful of the exposed tree roots which could cause a tripping, falling hazard. The trail starts out easy to follow but once you begin to follow it up a hollow away from the lake the trail seems to disappear, perhaps due to leaves carried down the hollow by rain,etc. I saw no blue blazes(I will admit I was not looking too hard for any until the trail began playing out). I continued up the hollow until I got to an old dirt road. I then began seeing blue blazes, marking the trail to the right.I was perhaps a little confused because the trail was called the Lake Shore Trail in the Pipestem State Park map and trail guide and I mistakenly assumed the trail would continue it's entire length along the lake's shore. From the trail's intersection with the old road it was easy to follow back to the handicapped fishing pier. At the intersection of the Lake Shore Trail with Lake View Trail I walked down to the lake for a nice view looking down toward the dam. There was a trash barrel there in need of being emptied. Back on the trail I encountered a couple of muddy spots but they were easy to avoid. Between the intersections of The South Side trail and Turkey Spur trail with the Lake Shore Trail I encountered a stream that went under the trail through 2 culverts. The upper side of one of the culverts was partially blocked by branches and leaves, and one was completely blocked and the bank was beginning to erode where water entered the one remaining partially open culvert. I performed a little trail maintenance by opening both culverts by removing debris from them. I saw several species of birds and a couple of squirrels,lots of side trails for fishing access to the lake and deer in the fields next to the road inside the park. A beautiful evening for a leisurely walk in the woods. Once I returned via the paved Long Branch Trail I walked through the Arboretum and read some of the placques describing some of the trees planted before returning to the lodge.

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