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A visit to this quaint, historic community, at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, is like stepping into the past. Stroll the picturesque streets, visit exhibits and museums, or hike our trails and battlefields. There's a wide variety of experiences for visitors of all ages, so come and discover Harpers Ferry.

I've been using this hike to gauge my fitness. From the parking lot under the 340 bridge to the overlook, it took me 1:06..

Great hike with views all the way up and down. Good incline on way up. Somewhat rocky, nice hike with dogs

also saw a military plane/jet similar to an "osprey" fly perpendicular with the ridge line extremely low to the ground, wicked sight.

This trail is great! It’s well marked and a great workout. One of my favorites!

This trail is an awesome, it is and awesome beginner hike that shows a lot of local history .

17 days ago

Had a great time on this trail. Challenging climb in the beginning but worth it once you’re at the top! Plenty of historical sites & views to check out before you begin your decent. Did this in early February so it was a bit cold & windy. Would suggest folks make sure to have a windproof shell or other outer layer to stay comfortable when the wind picks up.

This is a great hike, but the initial ascent is a challenge. Once you are past that, you are fine.

A word of advice: the trail IS well marked. Just don't take the red trail on the way to split rock, take it on the way back. You can continue up on the white blazed Appalachian trail until you come to a fork: you have to go left or right.

Go left. If you go right you will end up at Keys gap way up the road.

Once you go left, the trail is blue blazed, the color signifying it's a trail to an overlook on the Appalachian trail. The trail is easy with a general slow incline downward. A ways down the path the red trail meets the blue trail. Ignore it and keep going straight. There will be some decent overlooks on the left side of the trail. Check them out. Once the blue trail heads sharply downward, you know you are getting close to the overlook.

On the return trip, hit up the red trail on your right. It's MUCH easier and obvious to find on the overlook side than the ascent.

There is no great mystery to hiking this hike. Just follow the white blazes up, turn left at the fork, and follow the blue blazes. It's not hard.

Great hike with many wonderful views. When you come down the steps from visitors center and cross over the road there is a sign for the River trail. This trail follows the Shenandoah into Harpers ferry as well. It is not well maintained and there are no markers but a clear trail that follows the river. Beautiful scenery especially at daybreak. The round trip to Maryland heights then back thru Harpers ferry makes for a great day of hiking.

Steep climb but ohhh so worth the views!!!

One of my all time favorites.

2 months ago

Enjoyable...the extra hike to the fort at the top was tough but an great day hike.

Great hike, even for beginners. Even after a snowfall.

Great views. Went in 2016.

Great experience..

Nice, easy trail with a few plaques about the local history.

2 months ago

Harpers Ferry is one of my favorite places to visit when you just want to get out and get your heart rate up a little. Great trail with a pretty decent payoff via a sweeping view of Harpers Ferry and the Potomac/Shenendoah Rivers. The fall is my favorite time of the year with the leaves changing and fog hanging down low on the mountian tops. ...good history in this area as well.

2 months ago

Fantastic view of Historic Harpers Ferry. It was good to go early because we came off the rock at 10 am and say at least a hundred people on our way down.

Trail is not marked well. There are plenty of blazes along the trail to mark the path, but knowing which ones to follow is the confusing part. We parked off of Shenandoah Street in the public parking lot (which we found out costs $10 to park in). Our 6 mile hike turned into a 10 mile one as we followed the white blazes on the trees. The trail starts with white blazes, however, apparently you’re supposed to take a left when you see the orange blazes instead of continuing to follow the white ones. We didn’t see any signs to tell you this, nor are there any signs along the trail. Once we did find the correct path, we were very pleased with the view. Now that I know which way to go, I’d do the hike again. It is steep, so don’t be expecting an easy hike.

highly recommended for family outing

Hiked this a few years back. Great trail with beautiful views of harpers ferry and the three surrounding states. Great photo opp

It was a nice trail with history and fall colors. Worth a stop.

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