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This trail loop feels like an entire story packaged into 1 day (if you so choose).

Did the hike as a first backpacking trip. It was pretty rough for us, mostly because it stormed and North Fork trail turned into a mudpit and one of my buddies was fighting mono (he was diagnosed later). Was also not aware that you cross small streams about 7 times so change of shoes and lots of dry socks are essential. After climbing out West in the mountains, not too impressed with the scenery mostly because of the lack of wildlife and any overlooks, but definitely some pretty neat, rugged trails.

A pleasant, easy walk but parts of the trail is full of large rocks since it was a bed for a stream. Nice views of the water and the forest.

Great hike. First day was 10 miles through a beautiful forest. The last half mile is a little rough straight down the mountain to cranberry river. Second day was 12 miles all road walking except the last 2 miles straight up the mountain.


Hiked this trail in early October 2017 with friends. Descended from scenic highway down to Cranberry River for a couple days. Hiked downstream and up Tumbling Rock Trail back up to North South Trail where we camped final night. Finished 6 mile hike last morning in rainstorm back to Scenic highway where we parked. Beautiful area all around. Have a GPS with you and a trail map. The raw ruggedness of the area was fantastic.

good fishing. beware of bears after dusk. prepare for hiking up hill to pack out.

Friday, May 26, 2017

some of my favorite hikes in the mon nat'l forest include the middle fork trail. it has several areas to set up camp along or not to far off the trail, the big beachy falls is awesome and hells for certain is very cool as well it offers a waterfall as well, the only kicker is you have to Wade through water to get to camp. but it's way worth it. happy hiking.- scout

We did this trail first of October. even to the trail was not vary visible we enjoyed the views.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Read it from the Backpacker Magazine, and went on a hike late Oct 2011. Hiked in late afternoon, and hiked out the next day at noon. Nice hike, freeeezing night. Didn't get the cranberries, and the river wasn't the cleanest therefore we were happy to have brought our own water.

Me another guy did the trail in last weekend of apr '12. It was probly the best mixture of dense woods walking mixed with wide open trail next to a river.
1st day you go about 6 miles through pine trees and ruff rocky footed terrain.
You go down a steep hill that your thankful you don't have to clim. Now ford the river, this was extremely hard for us. The river was high and both lost camping shoes(not hiking boots) the clod combined with the speed of that water almost sent us down river.
When you cross you then walk on a road the next 5-6 miles. The trails indicate there are a # of shelters for camping, it doesn't say that these guys have taken them all for fishing camps and are no longer open to the public.
The guys running the fishing camp stopped us in the road and told us we were not to camp any where near their shelters that was their business they are running. To that park you need to allow hikers the same access to reserving them as those DB. It stunk thinking we would have a shelter with picnic bench and made fire ring waiting for us, some of the appeal of that trail. Those guys just royally pissed me off.
We camped just beyond the last shelter. From there on was a out was slight sloop until you get off road again. A few creek bridges had fallen bur could get around the well. That last 2 miles out area the only real steep climbs of the whole trip.
Would do the trail again in the fall time with leaves changing colors.

Absolutely love it!! Never made the full loop, but we back pack in 6 miles to do some trout fishing! fishing is great, trail is great, can't express how awesome this place is! I try to make it once a month!

Sunday, August 18, 2013