Chief Logan State Park is located in the heart of West Virginia's southern coalfields. Chief Logan State Park is four miles north of the town of Logan. The park and town share the name of the Chief of the Cayuga Tribe (also known as the Mingo tribe). This 4,000-acre park is one of the most visited in the state park system. The park features a 25-site campground, outdoor amphitheater, and wildlife center. The recreation enthusiast can enjoy miles of hiking trails, a swimming pool with water slide, tennis, and miniature golf. Picnic shelters and playgrounds are found throughout the park. The state park is home to the Liz Spurlock Amphitheater and the WV Division of Culture and Historys Museum in the Park. If you drop by to visit friends or family in the Logan area and you find they are not home, theres a good chance theyre at Chief Logan State Park for a picnic or hike or perhaps fishing or camping.

9 months ago

This trail can be as easy or challenging as you like. When I completed this trail in August of 2015, there was a tiny runoff that I used as a climbing trail to the top of the hill. It got slippery in some places and there were a few points where I had to abandon the water trail for some dry ground and trees to hold onto for stability. There is a designated, well-maintained trail from the parking area up the "mountain". Sticking to the provided & marked trail makes the trek much easier and keeps the incline from becoming too steep without warning.

5 years ago

It is a nice place to go in you live in the area. Nothing to difficult but there are some nice trails away from people and all of the noise. Definitely worth a weekend walk if you like to just get out and breath fresh air.