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relatively easy trail allowing many opportunities to view areas surrounding Seattle

walked from the fremont bridge to Ballard, it's a nice trail but beware bicycling douchebags who think it's only a biking trail

I’ve been utilizing this trail for over 15 years and not bored with it yet. There are so many areas to access the trail that one could possibly hike/walk for several days straight and never cover the same area twice. This is a great trail if your training to run or walk a marathon. Only drawbacks are that it is very flat (if your looking for a bit of a workout) and high traffic including cyclists. 15 mph signs are posted for cyclists, but almost completely disregarded.

I still have yet to make it into the city on this track but definitely great for checking off miles!

Love going for long runs on this trail

this is a great urban riding paved type trail.

it's what you'd expect of an urban trail.. lots of people, especially bicyclists, but the trail is quite wide, features a nice view of the bridge and the water and Gas Works Park is a neat park all on its own, featuring views of the Seattle skyline and is a great place to end.

Awesome, took the trail from Bothell to Matthews park. Very nice ride, beautiful views of the water from the trail and parks along the way.

Honestly best enjoyed on a bike and with some patience. Biking douche bag's recreating a Tour De France time trial , Passive aggressive's unleashing their pent up anger, neck beard's of sweat & stale IPA's, yup it's the Burke.

Fri Apr 20 2018

4/19/2018 (Thursday) - Walk along the river on both sides of the Bothell bridge. The good view on both sides is nice. In summer and fall, the trees may provide good shade too. I take the folk to the campus of UW Bothell, and the trail is connected to the North Creek Trail, which I will try in the near future.

beautiful view of seattle. it's a short walk but the view makes it all worth it.

within Seattle city limits the trail winds through UW on the streets. not very well maintained.

Nice trail for biking, very well maintained with great views of the lake. Plenty of spots to take a breather and sip some water. It merges into Sammamish river trail which makes for scenic ride along the river bank.

I used to live near this trail, so it was neat to revisit the area recently. The BG is part of the Rails to Trails program.

It's the B&G, how can you not like it ?!

Regularly ran the first portion (maybe the first third?). Well-paved; nice along the water, then turns urban pretty quickly, but all nice areas. An easy, mostly-level run (as long as you stay away of bikers around the many blind corners -- headphones not recommended).

Wonderful and busy trail in Seattle. Great for recreational cyclists, runners and lots of bike commuters.

Affectionately known as the "center of the universe" Fremont makes for a nice urban hike and Gas works park is a good starting point, and final destination.

We started out ride on the BGT at Gas Works park. Soon after passing under I-5 we entered the UW campus area and began encountering numerous major construction projects. Detours were poorly marked and we were forced onto busy streets and sidewalks. Finally, around the UW sports complex, we lost the trail completely. At that point we turned around and rode through the campus (this was a nice ride). I suggest bypassing the UW campus portion of the BGT until construction is completed. Instead, go west from Gas Works Park through Fremont and Ballard or start in Bothell and ride south.

I "urban hiked" from USCG Station Seattle all the way to Gas Works Park in Fremont just to watch the summer solstice parade in June (2014). I could have driven, but why bother when I have feet? This is only a 3-mile loop of a 14-mile round-tripper for me. What fun it was, but afterward my feet hurt. To be clear, I was a spectator. If you haven't ever been to the solstice parade, google it first for details, then go. Just. Go.

I bike ride and hike this trail many times; smooth easy and scenic trail!

Fantastic trail for miles of unobstructed anything!

Awesome city trail!

Rollerblade from the brewery in woodinville to a coffee shop in seattle- yes you can on this trail!

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