Thursday, August 03, 2017

Stayed at Lewis camp on NE side. Really nice camp site , but Beach is very muddy. Come in at high tide or you will sink in mud up to your knees. Only trail I found was NE of camp and it's probably an animal trail, but it takes you where there is views of the bay. Nice bathroom here, someone left water here. Looks like an Elk Camp, big field nearby

Friday, August 19, 2016

Camped at Sand Spit Camp . Came from Nacotta via Kayak, still over an hour paddle. Really nice camp site , number 3. No fresh water nearby , so bring plenty. Nice wide open field next to camp with lots of geese and a huge Bull Elk. Hiked to Saw Log camp to check it out. Trail is excellent. Love the Island. Finally meant park rangers on trail. Gave history and lots of hints on where to go. Will be back

Monday, September 08, 2014

Went to Pinnacle camp with kayak once and canoe another time. Any boat larger then that will be a struggle to get it above the high tide water line. Access to main trail from camp is south of camp space 1 about 100 feet. Take your own water. There is fresh water north of bathroom, but it needs to be boiled or filtered.
Hiking is easy on main trail and very quiet. Didn't see anyone the whole time. The Ancient Cedar Grove is the best feature on the Island. Take bug repellant especially at Smoky Hollow Camp.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

only can get here by boat. There are nice camp sites along the beach line of island. once you have launched from wilapa bay refuge headquarters you can head north east along island. Camp sites become visible about 2 miles along shore. They have nice out houses accomadated for you. Trails are very nice no rocks or roots. Almost looks like someone mows the trails. some minor hills. I am 27 hiked about 5 hours maybe 10 miles first day no problem my dad of 65 and very active could keep up just for 3/4 of way then needed walking stick. Highly recommend to leave city and reach peace and quit.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The name of this trail indicates that it is on the island but the pin placement on the map shows otherwise and the trail description makes no mention of being on the island. My wife and I drove to the area shown on the map thinking possibly the trail got it's name due to its views of the island. We attempted to find this trail on Oct 6, 2012. We found that the trailhead is not where it is shown on the map but is actually a few miles south at the Willapa National Wildlife refuge. The trail is on the island and accessible only by boat. There is a boat launch, parking, and an information booth at the Wildlife Refuge parking area. A brochure describes the island as having a 2-1/2 mile road leading from the boat landing to a 274 acre old growth cedar forest. There is a 2/4 mile loop trail that goes through the cedar grove. There are five primitive campgrounds with a total of twenty campsites. There is no potable water on the island. The brochure states that there are deer, elk, black bear, beaver, and river otter on the island.
I do not recommend taking the road that is shown on the map for this trailhead. We drove the pit run/gravel road almost to it's end where we're parked and walked to the beach. We had to drive past a private residence as well as two private shops. After we got to the beach we turned around and saw Private Property signs. Someone needs to edit the pin placement and move it south to the Wildlife Refuge parking area and let hikers know that this is a boat access able only.