Great local place to hike. It’s plenty shady and the views at the top are nice.

Great little place to hike if you want to hike without traveling very far. Not too strenuous. The view of the sound is nice once on top.

Close to home, easy parking, nice trails and views. I wasn’t sure how much we’d enjoy it, getting a late start on an 80+ day but there was plenty of shade on most of the trail and some breezes. We stopped at the creek on the way down. Kids and dogs really enjoyed playing in the falls. Definitely will be back.

Little bummed that the trails were not better marked. Beautiful vista at the top and great trails.

nice trails not too muddy in March. watch out for motorcycles. we could see downtown Seattle from the top.

Great trip today up to the top. We added a longer route down to get to 6.6 miles and had a smooth trip. Left around 10 am and beat most folks up there. Trail is muddy in some places, but otherwise clear. Disappointed to see the trash at the viewpoint left by others.

Great family trail with awesome views of the Olympics and hood canal at the top.

perfect moderate hike, beautiful views

Some nice views on the trail itself of the Olympics as you're coming up. You can catch a view of Rainier at the top but it's obscured partially by some trees. The viewpoint is a pile of rocks and a chain link fence - you can see Seattle and some of the Cascades, but the view is a little limited. Nice walk through the woods though!

Someone enlighten me. We did this last weekend and had no idea where to go when the trail split. We wanted to see the view but after already doing 5 miles and no end insight, I had to turn around. My 3 kiddos were DONE! I didn’t have service so I had no way to navigate. Any tips? I want to try again!!

Perfect day in February for a stunning view across to Seattle!

great views. rivers and streams. there's a mine. beautiful vista views. challenging for small children but can be done. expect heavy traffic during long weekends.

My dogs and I love this hike. There’s lots of different trails, some nice creeks for drinking from (them...not me) and amazing views at the top. It can be busy so it’s not good for off leash time but they don’t care by the time we’re done because their worn out.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery of Gold Creek and Green Mountain Vista. There were some very nice little bridges over streams within the first half mile and then it was a scenic climb up to Green Mountain Vista. Although the Olympic Mountains were not fully viable due to cloud cover, you could see Seattle. I ran on a weekday and only saw hikers and couple dogs. Fortunately no motorcycles,,,

I didn’t realize there were so many trails options until I viewed a map in the parking lot.

As an added bonus, the coffee kiosk at the Xheveon station was really good.

I came here with the intentions to just do gold creek but I have to say this trail was awesome. I leads to other trails too. I ventured on a few of them on the way back but did not go too far into them because they did not pop up on the app but honestly following all trails there’s no way to get lost. The views were awesome but camera phones do no justice. There is also a trail that leads to the waterfall I hit it up on the way on the trail and on the way back I got a better view from another trail I found. All and all this was nice. I plan on coming back to find out where these other trails lead but I may come with someone else. I feel if I wasn’t alone I would’ve ventured further on a few of these other trails. It is well maintained and it has plenty of signs so again it is really hard to get lost. You do need a discovery pass but there is a little area on the side of the road for cars I parked mine there and it was just how I left it. Finally I’d like to shout out the lady who actually ran this trail three times.

Mostly easy trail but a nice one to do if you're local. Can get challenging at times. We did this with 2 kids on our backs and it took us 3 hours. Can get busy with people on dirt bikes which is a little scary trying to make sure they see you as they're speeding around corners. If you can go on a less busy day when bikes aren't out, it's definitely worth it.

good trail,no complaints,only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I have had more fun on other trails but for reasons I don't realy know why

fun easy trail. Well maintained and well marked. found a fun waterfall on the way back

Really great spot to get a work out, and experience lovely views without having to drive too far away from Bremerton.

a nice peaceful walk not really hard nice view of seattle from the top will do it again soon

The trails were clearly marked and in good condition. There were a few other groups on the trail at 9:00am on a weekday...all in all not crowded. Be aware that most dog owners don't follow the leash requirements. I asked two other parties to leash their dogs, per trail rules, after their dogs rushed and tried to bite my two leashed dogs. The other parties answered my request with colorful language and refusals. If you don't like other dogs rushing your personal space, then take precautions ahead of time.

I wasn't aware I needed a Discover pass, I should've known. It would have been nice if it said somewhere on this site. Still eager to go on a hike here :)

A great hike! Be warned, a discover pass is required to park in the lot but thankfully there is roadside parking also. I took my dogs and we had an awesome time, the views from the top are worth the steep hills to get there. It's narrow in spots but there's plenty of room for passing each other without issue. I have a human aggressive dog and he had plenty of space to avoid issues.

Lovely day on the trail. Easy hike up to the top. Nice little swimming hole to cool off in along the way down.

well marked and maintained, not hard but enough to keep you interested

good hike with the dog

Really enjoyed this trail for the 1.5 miles or so I hiked. Would've hiked the whole thing but I ran out of daylight

lots of trails to choose from and dog friendly

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