Really great spot to get a work out, and experience lovely views without having to drive too far away from Bremerton.

a nice peaceful walk not really hard nice view of seattle from the top will do it again soon

The trails were clearly marked and in good condition. There were a few other groups on the trail at 9:00am on a weekday...all in all not crowded. Be aware that most dog owners don't follow the leash requirements. I asked two other parties to leash their dogs, per trail rules, after their dogs rushed and tried to bite my two leashed dogs. The other parties answered my request with colorful language and refusals. If you don't like other dogs rushing your personal space, then take precautions ahead of time.

I wasn't aware I needed a Discover pass, I should've known. It would have been nice if it said somewhere on this site. Still eager to go on a hike here :)

A great hike! Be warned, a discover pass is required to park in the lot but thankfully there is roadside parking also. I took my dogs and we had an awesome time, the views from the top are worth the steep hills to get there. It's narrow in spots but there's plenty of room for passing each other without issue. I have a human aggressive dog and he had plenty of space to avoid issues.