Really tranquil place for a solo run, even this time of year. Dogs not allowed per signage, not sure if it’s enforced through. LOTS of people setup with camera equipment for pictures that made the paths a little crowded.

Easy access from apartment nearby. Beautiful autumn leaves everywhere.

Very pretty trails and the botanical gardens are great. Make sure you see the bridge. :)

8/6/2017 (Sunday) - Improvements can been seen in the park. Flowers are still blooming.

Gorgeous, very easy stroll

5/7/2017 (Sunday) - Flowers are blooming, lots of visitors in the park.

1/29/2017 (Sunday) - This is the quietest season of the botanical garden, because the holidays and the light show are over, and flowers have not bloomed yet. A loop in this woody park may be over 2 miles for an hour's easy walk, very good for elderlies and kids.

9 months ago

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