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Wenatchee National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in Washington. With an area of 1,735,394 acres (2,711.55 sq mi, or 7,022.89 km²), it extends about 137 miles along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range of Washington, USA from Okanogan National Forest to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The forest is located in Chelan, Kittitas and Yakima counties.

once you step 45ft down from road, the only sound you hear is the running river. light traffic during Ice Fest.

4 days ago

My favorite trail in this area! It is a magical place!

7 days ago

Beautiful and easy snowshoe hike just outside of Leavenworth. Starts with path crossing river on foot bridge. Then path follows along river for about 1.57 miles. Nice short hike while visiting Leavenworth.

It doesn't get any better than this! Microspikes and good music. I forgot to hit record, but it was a grand time! Cool people to say hi to at the top too.

Good place to spend the day off. A little walking here, chill out over there. Picknic area is cool, take something to cook with ya!

Snowshoe beyond the lake up to the rock ridge for views.

17 days ago

This was a tricky snowshoe hike. After veering off Snoqualmie Drive, we had to cross a narrow creek (one of many) with tricky crossings. With recent heavy wet snow storms, most of the saplings and small evergreens were bowed over along with a few downed trees making snowshoeing difficult. We had to meander around them while also avoiding tree wells and snow bombs. We potholed for a good mile since we were the first since in awhile and got lost for about an hour looking for the blue markers which were spotty sometimes partially because they were shrouded by snow bowed or fallen trees. It was fine after we were able to follow ski tracks about 1 mile in. We didn't get to Nordic Pass, since it was getting late and were honestly exhausted but did have a nice lunch at Hyak Lake. Despite all the downs, we had a fun hike nonetheless. There were some great forest views especially of the lake and the falls along Hyak Creek. We'd do it again knowing all the trials and tribulation but maybe not to soon.

19 days ago

Our first snowshoe trip with our family. Even though it was overcast, it was beautiful. We arrived early and were the first on the trail.

it's actually 15.5 miles from parking to lake Lillian and back--not 8. hike was beautiful and got a little technical with a small boulder field and an unclear path within a half mile or less of lake Lillian. my suggestion is to head to Margaret lake and save yourself several miles for a very similar, if not more, beautiful view.

great views of Rainer on a clear day on your way up.

23 days ago

Short and very accessible hike. Great for a last minute quick hike. Visiting for the Holidays I chose to go Dec.24 at 7:30 am ... cold yes 12F and ground covered by snow, but the view was totally worth it. It can get slippery so wear proper hiking boots and hiking poles are a great idea **

Great snowshoe trip for first timers. Easy peasy

1 month ago

Good 2.5 hour snowshoe in and 1.5 hours back. Signage good but mainly followed the trail footprints. Not many people there today. Nice view of the lake and mountains at top.

Great fitness outing. Played around on crampons, but it was a little more on the micro spike side of trail conditions. Slick at the top (except not at all with crampons). Nice to just get out really quick. Fantastic partners for the outing.

1 month ago

A bit of snow, not quite enough to warrant the snowshoes I carried up. Beautiful views above the layer of fog.

1 month ago

Beautiful with all the snow! Got lucky with a sunny day, so views of the mountains around were great. Definitely would come here again.

1 month ago

A fantastic short hike with kids in carriers. Absolutely stunning with a light dusting of snow.

1 month ago

Easy scenic hike. Great for families.

I️t was a super creepy and eerie trail reminiscent of some children’s ghost tale told by a campfire. After the initial adrenaline and shock wore off of the immense darkness and cold, I️t was almost unbearable and painful to walk in this loooong freezing cold tunnel. I️ saw a lot of people with bikes though so I️ think that would be the way to go.

One of the most beautiful hike.

trail running
1 month ago

Hiked today. The trail was super wet in parts and some of the bridges were down, but I was still able to hike it all. No snow right now. Still as pretty as ever!

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