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Wenatchee National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in Washington. With an area of 1,735,394 acres (2,711.55 sq mi, or 7,022.89 km²), it extends about 137 miles along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range of Washington, USA from Okanogan National Forest to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The forest is located in Chelan, Kittitas and Yakima counties.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike but very difficult to get to the trailhead (no service, Unpaved roads filled with potholes).

2 days ago

The trail is a gradual incline. It's not hard at all. The first part of the hike is a green scenery and the 2nd part is a canyon looking environment. Throughout the trail the view is awesome. I would definitely do this hike again.

2 days ago

As of 5/21 the road to the trailhead is open. Trail still has a significant amount of snow once you veer off to the left to head up to Colchuck. But is melting rapidly. Prep for wet conditions, up at the lake there was still about 3 feet of snow everywhere and the lake was completely frozen. Beautiful as always though!

on Skyline Lake Trail

3 days ago

Beautiful hike

6 days ago

7 days ago

Awesome places to go winter snow camping

on Merritt Lake Trail

9 days ago

lost trail at the 1.3 mile mark because of snow....shade areas had as much as 3 feet....heading back in couple weeks.

A good trail for an elevated heart rate but the views are just okay... I'd do it again if I were in town but I don't think I would drive out of the way to do it.

Easy nature walk that runs along the river. Perfect for all ages and all skill levels.

13 days ago

Great trail! As of 5/8/17 the road to the trailhead was still closed at Icicle Rd, so be sure to add the 3.5mi hike up to the trailhead. The road is just gravel with a steady incline, so not too bad. Crampons are gonna be needed for the last part of the trail near the top, which has become ice from the melting and re-freezing every night. Careful on the lake too, the edges melt during the day and one of us fell in, but the middle was fine. Overall a great hike with gorgeous views on the way up and at the top. Skiers were complaining about how crusty the snow was on the pass, just FYI.

14 days ago

I came out here expecting a HARD hike. I'd rate it a lot more on the side of moderate. The trail map and details listed here are only half the hike, to the creek crossing, which is very high this time of year and not something you can rock hop or wade. Just go about 100 feet upstream and cross on the downed trees, they're a perfect gift from nature. A few avalanche slopes to cross but there's little snow remaining, maybe a foot, and the trail was a little less than obvious to find at times, but still not anything I'd call really hard. Consult a map or GPS unless you have super tracking skills, especially if this is the only resource you're using. Had the trail to ourselves except a few deer and a coyote, and heard some rocks falling in the distance. Anyone else in the area was there to fish White river. Nice hike.

15 days ago

A heads up about the trail: the road is closed so this adds on an extra 7 miles to the hike (3.5 in, 3.5 out). It's on a dirt road so it's not difficult but it does add about 2 hours to the hike. There's lots of snow on the trail, and we regretted not having brought our microspikes. In the end we turned around at the bridge and come back better prepared. We saw groups wearing only sneakers and t-shirts, I have no idea if they made it up but it must have been a slippery wet one for them.