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Wenatchee National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in Washington. With an area of 1,735,394 acres (2,711.55 sq mi, or 7,022.89 km²), it extends about 137 miles along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range of Washington, USA from Okanogan National Forest to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The forest is located in Chelan, Kittitas and Yakima counties.

The trail is fairly flat easy terrain, perfect for all ages, with a few stopping points along the way. The only challenge is the last 50 yards or so when you find yourself scrambling a small hillside just above the rapids. The real highlight is the beginning of the trail and the unobstructed views of the river.

18 hours ago

Be prepared to start straight up with almost 1000 feet elevation gain in the first mile on a dirt, rocky road/trail. There are some decent ups and downs along the path but many of them very vertical. It is a technical hike and probably not good for small kids. The lake is beautiful but not a great hangout area.

1 day ago

Very, very beautiful! Went on a Thursday's early afternoon and it was mildly crowded.
-Expect to share the top with a visible amount of people.
-Can't recommend bringing a map strongly enough! If it doesn't look like the trail, it probably is!
-The road in has an amazing amount of potholes. It's like an exploded mine field. Cars without good suspension systems will move very slowly and suffer.

Really beautiful but really aggressive mosquitos caused us to cut our trip short.
Keep your head up on the trail; we got off trail a few times.

2 days ago

Quite a few rocks to climb on with some great views throughout.

3 days ago

3 days ago

Even though we only made it to Margaret Lake it was totally worth it. 2 hours uphill at a very slow phase enjoying colorful wild flowers, views of mount rainier, a special small green body of water and lake Margaret was cristal clear perfect for swimming (very cold of course, but great after hiking on a hot day). I'd love to come back soon before the flowers are gone.

We hiked up to Colchuck Lake and all the way up to Aasgard Pass. The lake is beautiful, and great to take a swim in. The is also another small lake next to Colchuck, that's very beautiful as well! I would say the hike to Colchuck is moderate. Going up to Aasgard Pass is definitely hard, and not for people who do not exercise on a regular basis or with bad knees. The hike (or climb) to Aasgard is techinal difficult. You walk on rocks all the way up, and the trail is difficult to see at all times. The view all the way up is fantastic! Colchuck just gets smaller and smaller. At the top we saw a lot of mountain goats, and many beautiful small lakes and ice blue pools. It was amazing! Be sure to bring A LOT of water if you go all the way up, and count on spending 8-14 hrs. We spent 11.5 hrs and had two long stops to eat and enjoy views (probably 2hrs all together). Some were slower than us, and some faster. I would not do this hike alone.

Beautiful day for a hike! The first mile is a grind, but you are rewarded once you get to the top. The views are stunning and the lake is crystal clear. The trail wasn't bad with only a few muddy spots at the very top that were easily avoidable. I was worried the trail wouldn't be long enough but the incline makes up for the distance.

I thought this was a "Moderate" hike and see that it was actually a "Hard" hike. This makes me feel better, because my niece and I just did this hike yesterday, and I was like "Ok, I'm out of shape!"
Ok, up until the last mile, it was just a steady, moderate incline, and then it was a stair master to the top. But MAN WAS IT WORTH IT! Surreal water color, enormous peaks, epic views all the way up. We planted ourselves on a flat rock, ate a delightful lunch, with a great view of the flat top rock that people were jumping off of. It wasn't terribly hot, but after getting sweaty on the hike up, we had decided to take a dip after lunch. Plenty of spots to enter the glacial water around the lake. We hiked down, found a spot and jumped in (ok, my niece dove in, I waded a bit, then dove in). In a word, cold. Very cold. But the clearest water I've ever been in, akin to the waters of the Caribbean (but cold. Very cold). After a few minutes, the feeling in my hands and feet came back to me and I swam around for 10 minutes or so. For a Monday, the lake was rather crowded, surprisingly so. But we had a great time chatting with different groups of people and everyone was friendly (a family let us borrow their bug spray, which was so helpful! BRING BUG SPRAY folks).
The trek down didn't feel great on my delicate knees, but I prevailed and was happy and tired by the end. Would definitely recommend this hike & plan to go back next year with my husband! (Take a dip in the lake, folks...it's cold, but so worth the experience!)