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Wenatchee National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in Washington. With an area of 1,735,394 acres (2,711.55 sq mi, or 7,022.89 km²), it extends about 137 miles along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range of Washington, USA from Okanogan National Forest to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The forest is located in Chelan, Kittitas and Yakima counties.

18 hours ago

Spent the night partway up Navaho Peak last night.

I usually backpack with a group of my buddies but as they've all left for college, I did this one by myself. The first four miles or so up to Navaho Pass are fairly easy. I set up camp about four and half miles in, which put me partway up the peak. From my camp to the top of Navaho Peak was about 3/4 of a mile of grueling, steep, loose rock. Difficult but well worth the struggle. So worth it that I actually did this last stretch twice, once at sunset and once after waking up. If you are able to stay the night at Navaho it is a must to watch the sunset from the top of the peak. I can't put into words the site of the pink and orange sky backdropping Mt. Rainier, Mt. Stuart, Mt. Adams (if it's clear enough), and the surrounding cascade hills and peaks. Breathtaking to say the least.

FOR BACKPACKERS: Don't camp in the meadows. I planned on camping in the meadows but decided against it once I reached the area. It's a great place, but if you can carry your heavy pack just a mile or so further to the pass and beginning ascent of the Peak, you'll find much more rewarding camping spots. I set up my tent and hammock on the edge of a step rock face with a perfect view of the adjacent mountains. I wouldn't have wanted to camp anywhere else.

I've hiked all over the state and can say this was one of, if not the, best hikes I've ever done. Make time for this one.

23 hours ago

Excellent, largely dry trail conditions. WTA teams out working today. Bugs were not out in force, but bug spray advised if you don't want to get nibbled on during the trip. Most elevation gain is in the second half of the hike. Lovely lake scenery. Start early to avoid the crowds. We departed the parking lot at 07:22 and returned at 11:55 (4.5 hrs) with approximately 25 minutes of rest and scenery gazing. Faster than average hikers who usually compete hikes 30 minutes ahead of rated time.

Beautiful, well maintained forest trail. The lake was worth the hike! You get your climbing out of the way first then it's an easy rest of the way to the lake. This lake has really good access and the kids swam. Bugs were not bad and it was nice and cool at the lake. Ran into very few people. Definitely want to do this again in the fall when colors change. Beautiful views and lots of places to rest.

trail running
1 day ago

Amazing amazing amazing! Did a hike / run though and cannot believe how visually satisfying this place is. Good fitness and experience on the trails a must.

Today was the perfect day to do this hike. A cool morning breeze really came in handy, especially since the first mile or so is mostly uphill. It eventually levels off and the treat is at the end when the trees open up to the lake and surrounding hills. You can pretty much make your way around the lake though the, I guess it would be north end, is a little tricky with fallen trees. Still, the area is beautiful and worth the effort to relax and enjoy the sound of woodpeckers and watch the ground squirrels raid your lunch bag.

Hiked on 7/12, in the PM (starting right about noon). As others have pointed out, parking at the trailhead is very limited and always full. The earlier or later you start your hike, the better.

It's a gorgeous (and challenging) hike with lots to offer - small waterfalls, river crossings, scenic overlooks, and don't forget, the jawdropping Colchuck Lake. I've completed ~12 different hikes this summer and found this to be the most challenging yet (took ~4 hours). If you're a beginner, you may want to plan an entire day to complete.

I've seen a few comments saying that the trail gets very crowded/busy. I hiked on a Saturday and would disagree with those comments. Though parking was tough, I didn't have any problem with crowding during the hike (or at the lake). There are a few different trails here and the hikes are quite longer, so people can easily spread out.

I reapplied bug spray a few times during the hike and therefore didn't have any problems with bugs.

Great Hike. Rewarding at the top.

2 days ago

2 days ago

It was an easy trail. Hiked up to the lake and back. The dog swam in the lake and we enjoyed the views.

2 days ago

I did this with two friends, expecting this to be the 8.4 miles...all three of our Fitbits logged about 11.35 miles and an extra 300ft elevation; I've heard there used to be a different trail that hugged the river more that was about four miles each way and that what we took was a newer trail that went over the ridge, however, there was no signage or trail splitting that we noticed. I don't know if this is accurate or not, but our logged distance was very different than the app data (and at the trail head) and we would not have picked it if we'd known the true (or logged) distance.

It was beautiful, though the bugs were horrible. I was greatful for my mosquito netting which helped with the horseflies too.

2 days ago

Amazing yet grueling! Camped up at Robin lakes and I definitely suggest it over Tuck lake. Past Tuck, the trail is very hard to follow and mainly a scramble up rocks, use caution.

Hard hike if you are a beginner like me. Just go at your pace and you will make it. View is totally worth the effort. You will be sore for next few days(beginners)

Speaking as a Californian, this was the most amazing hike I've ever done ! River crossings, waterfalls, crystal clear glacier water on a majestic lake. I'm still in awe. definitely start early, as it is shaded most of the way in the morning (we started at 8 am, by the afternoon, the sun was in full force on the trail..the late starters we were passing on the way down were struggling with the heat). NOT a hike for beginners.

3 days ago

Steep! 3.5 miles to the first view point and 3500 ft vertical. Nice and shaded for the first 3 miles or so, then into the meadows on the ridge. Beautiful views!

3 days ago