6 days ago

nice that it is so close

trail running
1 month ago

I loved this place, lots of beauty everywhere.

Great hike. Fairly flat once you get down to the loop. Multiple bridges to cross. Will be back.

2 months ago

This trail would be a beginner trail if you take go left on the loop entrance from the park spot referenced on the map above. The most rapid decline is there. Alternatively, if you go to the right, you'll hit this as a great incline on the way out.

Additionally, if you choose to take all the legs of the trail, you'll add 2+ miles (someone below said it can total 4.1 miles), and a lot of great inclines too! This is an awesome MODERATE trail that you can choose to make easier/ harder and longer/ shorter. The choice and variables are why I give this 5 stars. Its crazy beautiful too!

Enjoyable. Great for a beginner

Good inclines. Can get muddy (depending on weather).

Went hiking here today. The cabbage skunk is just blooming but not smelling yet.

3 months ago

Nice little trail

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