The park offers different trails from easy on the paved loop trail to moderate when taking the spur trails along the lower perimeter trails nest to the water. All the trails have wonderful views of the San Juan Islands and beyond.

scenic driving
1 year ago

One of our favorites around this area. You can either hike it or just stay in the car and enjoy the paved trail. Either way, it is beautiful no matter the time of year.

Great walk. However it is NOT 4.7 miles. It is 2.4 miles to loop around the park following the road.

Trail starts on the paved single lane road then you see a spur off of the road onto the dirt about 1mile

4 years ago

Beautiful and great for a good walk with friends. Can climb down to the beach, play in tide pools, and enjoy quite a view at one point.

Nice trail system. I agree with another reviewer that the markings are a bit tough to follow. Also, there is a "loop road" that the mountain (and road) bikers use. the trail system around the park is fairly narrow, and you wouldn't use them for biking.

Beautiful. There are many trails in the park...good luck figuring out the trail markers though. Read the story on my blog.

6 years ago

Very scenic & peaceful! I do however believe the trail is a shorter distance though.