The Wallace Falls State Park Management Area is a 4,735-acre camping park with shoreline on the Wallace River, Wallace Lake, Jay Lake, Shaw Lake and the Skykomish River. Located on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, the park features a 265-foot waterfall, old-growth coniferous forests, and fast- moving rivers and streams. Opportunities to view local wildlife, including cougar near Wallace Falls, and peregrine falcons inhabit the rock cliffs of the Index Town Wall

12 days ago

Great moderate hike for all ages. There are plenty of beautiful "stopping points" where you could turn around and head back and you won't make you feel like you missed out on a "destination". It can however be crowded on weekends in good weather so I would advise going on a weekday or even in some light rain (mostly tree covered) in order to beat the crowds!

Beautiful views and a nice trail to hike.

Not too difficult, take bike path to main trail but I suggest keeping straight to go down the woody trail on your way back ❤️

amazing views

on Wallace Falls Trail

26 days ago

amazing views!

Two valley outlooks that are quite amazing! Great exercise going up and coming down!

Loved the views!

So pretty with all the snow

1 month ago

The middle is the best view but it is worth the hike to the top. Well made trail