I take this trail once or twice a week. it is easy with just enough of a hill to make get warm. Great for post hip surgery

Pretty views of the waterfall after it rains... but I wouldn't call this a "trail."

I taken this trail many of times and am always impressed with the upkeep of the trail, the cleaniness and the ever changes that nature is allowed to do!

19 days ago

I wouldn't call this a hike, more of a walk, but I love this place all the same. It's a fun place to bring the family. Great for younger kids and you could even bring a stroller. There are a few large steps (as is wide, with lots of space between each rise) on one side down to the bridge, but a stroller can manage them. We love coming here in the fall, usually early September, to watch the salmon run.

24 days ago

Nice, peaceful walk. Convenient, right off the highway. Beautiful falls.

1 month ago

Super easy walking trail great for kids; dog friendly

Super nice little walk along a river with waterfalls and nice vegetation.

very beautiful, very short

Beautiful falls! easy our 4 yr old runs along.

2 months ago

2 months ago

Easy loop trail, perfect for a kids!