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Tiger Mountain State Forest is a The 13,745-acre natural preserve that incorporates the West Tiger Mountain Natural Resources Conservation Area. It is a very well known state forest known for its lush landscape, hiking, and mountain biking trails. is one of DNR's most well known forests. The mountain biking trails are not to be missed, with lots of downhill only options for advanced riders, and easier trails like Preston Railroad Grade or Northwest Timber for intermediate riders.

21 hours ago

Soooooo out of shape

very nice,quiet & clean, trail head was a little hard to find at first...

5 days ago

This was definitely a moderate hike, but only on the way up and you’re treated with a beautiful view at the end. It was a pretty busy Saturday at lunchtime, but regardless of the narrow trail at times, people and animals were patient and respectful. Going down can be a little steep so I recommend hiking shoes with good traction. Dogs also really enjoyed the hike and made a few friends along the way.

5 days ago

Really fun trail! Hard to find at first since its a trail with in a trail! But the rocks were cool!

Great hike, beautiful weather, beautiful views!!!

12 days ago

A quick straight up hike but totally manageable!

Last mile was was covered with ice and very slippery; we turned around about 1/2 a mile from the point because we didn't have microspikes. Beautiful hike anyways! It started getting busy later in the morning.

13 days ago

My wife and I hiked from Issaquah High School to Poo Poo Point via High School Trail and Poo Poo Point Trail. The last one mile was covered with snow, so we used MicroSpikes. The temperature was between 36 F and 55 F. We saw paraglider taking off from Poo Poo Point.

Beautiful views!

Took my High School girls lacrosse team there for a team bonding event. Great switchbacks, great views, and super friendly people on the hike. Highly recommended, for all ages.

Beautiful greenery this time of year rush hike 95% is snow free

Even on a weekday the parking lot was almost full. Pretty neat the whole way except at the top where i used microspikes.

Good challenging hike in Tiger mountain. There’s not much snow up to Poo Poo point, but towards the top there is some ice. The rest of the trial is covered in snow, sometimes up to 6 inches towards west tiger 1. Microspikes and poles helped. I ended up returning from west tiger 1 the same way I came due to lack of clear tracks. Keep in mind that you will take Poo Poo point trail as well as tiger mountain and hidden forest trails. It’s pretty quiet up there past Poo Poo pt!

Straight up!

Lovely walk through woods on well maintained trails. Please note that the majority of the dog handlers have no problem with breaking the Washington State law for keeping dogs on leash. Which could make it difficult and/or dangerous for you and your leased dog.

19 days ago

Amazing place for Haiking!!!
Round Trip it takes 3 hours

21 days ago

Get there early or you’ll be hiking with a crowd, especially on a nice day. I got to the trail at 8AM. Bring a sandwich because at the top, you can eat your lunch and watch paragliders take off.

24 days ago

A little muddy in places but not bad considering. Trail's in good shape and I'd say it's more easy than moderate. No beautiful vistas but still a nice trail. Will go back and take the littles next time.

24 days ago

The trail was clear of snow but had frozen water in spots. nice view from the top although Rainer was hidden today.

I did this hike in February on a cold sunny day. It was BEAUTIFUL. I recommend wearing hiking boots due to the icy patches on the trail and making sure you bring warm layers to put on when you reach the peak due to the freezing wind.

when pop out on to gravel road go beyond .25 of a mile to more trail heads on tiger mountain.

29 days ago

I hike this trail many times that there is different view for each season.

Unbelievable views! The bottom portion of the trail is incredibly rocky and narrow. It opens up a bit near the top but you won’t be running much until then. There is lots of steep elevation gain and I would rate this as challenging for someone like myself who doesn’t have a lot of experience with trial running. There was lots of traffic but getting to the top on a sunny day and seeing Rainer makes it all worth it. A few paragliders were taking off from the point when I was there as well which was exciting.

1 month ago

We did a little bit of a different loop - 3 summits, minus poo poo point - starting from the high school:
High school trail > section line trail > #3 > #2 > tiger mountain road > #1 > poo top trail > tiger mountain trail > one view trail > poo point trail > high school trail

According to my garmin we did 9.1 miles, 3400 ft total elevation. (Wish I had recorded it in app, but next time!) In the third mile we climbed 1300 ft alone - the section line trail is no joke! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a challenge on top of hitting all the summits in one go. It was a blast!

Flat, easy trail with some views of the lake. Was relatively low traffic- but also its winter (Feb).

Whew! Great workout and the views are amazing. My 10-year old did great, but I'm not so sure my 7-year old would have made it (he stayed home). Will definitely go again.

1 month ago

Perfect moderate hike. Does get progressively steeper and more beautiful as you go along. Don't let the early ease fool you. On a clear day you can see Seattle and the Olympic Mountains. Sitting at the top eating lunch and watching the hang gliders launch was the highlight.

Great hike! Very good trail in good shape and the views are awesome. The paragliders take off from the top and it's cool to watch them float and the up drafts. The only issue is all the people, the crowds are ridicules. Makes it difficult to keep moving on the trail.

Beautiful views, saw lots of paragliders today, which was fun to watch. Pretty busy, but understandable given it was a beautiful, sunny, Saturday.

Took about 2.5 hours roundtrip and saw para-gilders descend from the top.

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