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The 13,745-acre Tiger Mountain State Forest, including the West Tiger Mountain Natural Resources Conservation Area, is one of DNR's most well known forests. As a working forest, Tiger Mountain State Forest is managed by DNR to provide sustainable revenue in support of public services.

18 days ago

Trail gets narrow at the top. Kind of muddy. Very beautiful though. Would have been better in a few months because there are a lot of deciduous trees.

Really beautiful scenery. A good incline up with different weather at the top. The bottom was slightly muddy and the top was around 1-2 inches of snow. Once at the launching point for the gliders, there's another 5-7 minutes hiking to the top.

this is straight up no flat surfaces, great hike but maybe not for beginner at least not in winter., ❤

This was a really good hike uphill, Very uphill! It goes straight up for about a mile and a half and it was muddy and raining and snowy at the top and it was awesome! At the bottom of the street where the trail is there is a "confirmed a tent city quote also. So I don't know about that part because it's kind of gross but the trail was great.

Lot more crowded than I prefer myself, but very pretty and during the winter really cool that you get snow at the top with an amazing view by the launch site.
Definitely got my workout here. Not many flat walking areas.

Good workout

ice climbing
28 days ago