10 months ago

it was a great hike

Great trail! Switchbacks were no joke such s good leg workout! Beautiful rushing River.

Hiked it 3rd week April.
trail was mostly clear. lots of scenery change. campsite was good.

Hiked just past 5 mile camp for the weekend. The weekend prior - a wind storm knocked down a lot of trees. Many are laying over trail. You will have to climb over or under to maneuver past.

Hiked this trail with family and friends that had baby in pack and a toddler. I would say this is an easy hike. We stopped at the first camp for lunch by the river. The forest is picturesque! The mosquitoes...not so nice, bring your spray! If you're looking for a nice day hike with the fam, this is it!! Enjoy.

We enjoyed this hike. We only went as far as the "Hump". Quite, only ran into 2 other hikers who were on their way out. When we reached the Duckabush river, we found a nice spot to sit and eat lunch and enjoy the view.

The Duckabush is a typical beautiful Olympic Wilderness river. The forest fire last year was a sad reminder of how destructive careless people can be. It will be interesting to watch how the forest rejuvenates itself. Hoping to see lots of fireweed this year.

I want to note now I did not do the whole hike I only did it as a day hike over the Big Hump for about a 10.5 mile journey. For a day hike it provides a nice early season hike, its not too hard but not so easy that I dont feel accomplished. By far the hardest part of the hike is if you go up the Big Hump. I feel its worth the climb, it offers a good workout and when you go down the other side you find yourself back next to the river at a perfect resting/camping/turnaround spot. The hike, while not spectacular, is still an enjoyable one. There are a few very large trees near the big hump that survived the fire and they are just massive! Its crazy to see such large trees and its even more impressive to see the ones that survived the fire and how there thick bark protected them like armor from the flames. Its still sad to see the damage and the dead trees however =[ Im not sure when the fire happened but you can see its scars. With that said be warned some of the dead trees are leaning quite dangerously towards the trail so if its a windy day be careful and keep a watchful eye. Its just a matter of time till the finally fall.
All in all it was nice early season hike and I was pleased with it =]

I went up the Duckabush trail as a day hike, out and back. Going as far as big hump" is a moderate day hike, with gorgeous scenery. Most of the hike has moderate elevation gain and loss until you hit the base of big hump, which is a set of switchbacks that climb up the valley wall. The trail lies in the Olympic rain shadow, so when its pouring in Seattle, there is a possibility that the trail will be dry (as was the case when I hiked it)

I took some of the most beautiful pictures while hiking this trail. The trail head was not easy to find so, we blew right past it. Signs would be helpful.