2 days ago

my little family enjoyed this gem father's day weekend, my fiance, son and I decided to adventure! lots of variety here to introduce my 4 month old to.

My fiancé, our 4 month old baby and I enjoyed this hike a few days ago and plan on exploring more of it's natural beauty. The sound of the creek and fresh forest air put our baby to sleep while we soaked up the beautiful scenery. Whether you've got 20 min or all day this forested nature trail is worth enjoying.

3 days ago

Great scenery n overall perfect day! I brought my service dog and my husband so I could see as much of the trail as possible

Good, local hike. Great for kids!

14 days ago

Cool little hike tucked away in tacoma. The trail isnt too hard but does have some good steep hills. My wife and i knocked it out pretty simply. We actually walked out along swan creek, but came back on the upper trail canyon rim or something. It was fun!!

23 days ago

26 days ago

Was a great trail. Not kept up. Two washouts. One that wouldn't be safe getting past. But other then that great trail.

29 days ago

1 month ago