We hiked the Rock Lake portion of this trail. I am giving one star due to the fact that there are so many restrictions. We parked at the boat launch and walked the road to the trail. There was a sign restricting vehicles and at the bottom it says you need a permit issued by a ranger and a phone number. In retrospect I should have snapped a picture of that number so you could call and be sent a permit. Not really worth the trouble. The whole road leading up to that part of the trail has private property signs and we were about to find out that parking there is also restricted. So we hiked to the end of the lake and on the way back we were stopped by the land owners on either side driving down the road. One of them was nice enough but the other was upset that we weren't issued permits (at that point we thought having a discovery pass was enough) again it was our bad for not reading the whole thing at the trail head. But one of the guys was barking about how the state gives him a list every month of people allowed to hike this trail. So in that case getting a permit seems like more of a bother then the hike was really worth. Put a damper on the day. If you are in the area you will feel unwelcome by all of the signs alone.