Trail is overgrown, we lost it few times. And it is steep. There is no streams to filter water from, so carry plenty.

Came back out here today with my friend Jaime. We fell about 1/4 - 1/3 of a mile short of the "flat" part we read that would make a good place to stop and rest before heading back down. It wasn't the fact that the trail narrowed excessively, it was the nettles that were along it. We accomplished what we set out to do. We were at the top, we could see Whitehorse and the valley below. The was only one sketchy slide area. It was doable, but proceed with caution.

So. First time attempting this trail, and I had a bit of a difficult time. First off, turning off the 530, mine road runs straight for a half mile, then comes to a small turnout, with a "school bus turnaround" sign on the left. At this point, take a right, and an immediate left. This will get you to the actual trailhead. Boulders and a bridge on the left marks your trail.
Walk this trail for a while, passing over a few blowdowns. you'll pass over the creek twice, then come across a small clearing with the Neiderprum Trail on your right. Begin your quad workout here .
Now, I hiked this in late February, and after the 26 switchbacks (yeah....), I lost the trail. I traversed two large slide areas, and the "trail" became a steep, almost impossible-to-climb hill towards the summit. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate Neiderprum Landing, or enjoy any views of the surrounding peaks.
Overall, the hike was awesome and I will definitely be returning, but once the snow melts. The vertical gain was more intense than most hikes in this area, so be prepared to take breaks on the ascend. Have a blast, and make sure to sign in.


My review is on the Mine Rd trail. I don't know why it doesn't come up on this site. As with Neiderprum this trail isn't heavily traveled, but the trail is nicely maintained, kid and dog friendly, there is a Mine at the end bring a flashlight, and a nice lunch spot at the creek. It is beautiful all the way with the vibrant mossy greens. My friend and I were out there yesterday, we were the only ones (6/5/16). There is a bear out there, it was quite evident going in, but even more evident going out, even though we didn't see it, just a huge pile of scat with salmonberry seeds in it on the trail that wasn't there earlier, I can only assume it was close by. I don't suggest going solo out here for that reason. Otherwise it makes an awesome solo hike, it surely doesn't lack in solitude if you like those sort of hikes. And its short at only 4 miles round trip. I was solo back in February, and ventured up Neiderprum only having to turn back about 3/4 of the way up due to snow, and not being able to see which way the trail continued on. At this the Mine rd trail is narrow in a few spots because of overgrown berry bushes, then it widens back out.

Mine rd is a great trail with creek access at the end. Kid and dog friendly. Some of the trail is very narrow from overgrown bushes. We ventured onto the Neiderprum trail for a 1/4 mile so my friend could check it out and see if she wants to hike it at a later date. Neiderprum is steep and easy to moderate if you like elevation, otherwise if you don't I wouldn't attempt it. If you're new to hiking and want a challenge, this trail is for you.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The map location of Niederprum Trail as shown by this Information Pin is incorrect. The directions given to locate Niederprum are correct, but the map is "pinning" a location several miles west of Old Mine Road (aka 387th Ave NE), which actually takes one to the Niederprum and Whitehorse Ridge trails.