There is a lovely view of Mount Rainier in the distance with a forested foreground from the top of Echo Mountain

It's a pleasant getaway and conveniently close to town. There are a number of geocaches in the park and the top of Echo Mountain has some flat rocks to sit and relax on. The view today was obscured by the smoke from the BC fires so I am unsure if there is a rewarding view. I enjoyed myself just the same.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Really lovely easy trail

New Shady Lake Trail (branch) extends newly named "3 Lakes Loop Trail". The new 1/2 mile trail is now mostly gravel and includes 3 wood bridges. The Shady Lake Trail adds another entrance to the Spring Lake - Lake Desire County Park, and the Trail system which includes the Echo Mountain Trail.

7/1/2017 (Saturday) - Maps are available at the main parking lot or the part's gate. The park is called "Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park", managed by King County. Being different from AllTrails' map, "Otter Lake" is now called "Spring Lake", and "Cedar Mountain" is now called "Echo Peak" by the park of King County. Trails are numerous, though short, and mostly well-maintained, with new path signs, and are not displayed by AllTrails' map (but all displayed correctly on OCM). The part is very lightly used, and the main parking lot's capacity is very limited, maybe, 4-6 cars at most. The woods in this part are pleasant, but the path leading to Lake Desire ends at a dirty and narrow lakeside opening, which is the biggest downside. In clear days, one should be able to see Mt Rainier at the top of Echo Peak, but we can't see anything in the cloudy day.

Great hike to take the kids on