easy to moderate trail with several options!

2 months ago

The trail was enjoyable and at the end of the trail you get to the shore of the lake blocked off by a gigantic tree and that's the end ..the view is spectacular but the downside is that not a lot of room there so if more than 2 people would feel crowded; it's just a small opening in the woods to see the lake.

okay, it's actually called Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park

great for runs, lots of trails to change it up. kids enjoy it also.

Great short workout

This trail was alright. The forestry was nice, but there weren't many scenic areas on the hike. I wasn't able to find the overlook at the top of trail either. I also tried to follow one of the trials to the lake but it ended up leading to a water tower. You could see the lake peaking through the trees, but no great views. If you really want to see it go to the water access at the trailhead.