Very easy hike, more like a stroll. Quiet, you probably won't run into many other people- if any. We always park in the no parking area just before the park- oops. Not walking any farther to get in!

We parked way off near the boat house and walked to the park. The park is nice but you have to pass the sewer treatment plant and it SMELLS!

Couldn't do the trail. Where are you supposed to park? Everything is blocked off with no parking and no trespassing :(

easy walk, small birds everywhere. not another person in sight at all. parking lot has broken glass be careful with your car. Outer loop is unpassable due to over grown trail.

beware the smell of the poop plant can get you... if you can make it pass that it's very enjoyable.

trail running
1 year ago

the best hike

Nice flat trail for birding. Eagles, Osprey, Herons, Swallows, and many other land, water and marsh birds. My friend was having knee problems and this was a great hike for us to go on since the terrain was easy. There is traffic noise but it's still a nice area.

Good for birding - enjoyed watching the fledgling bald eagle stretch its wings and its parent - but not terribly exciting otherwise. The smells from the nearby treatment plant and the inability to walk around the whole island were major detractors.

agree with some of the previous reviews. this could be a nice trail but it is over grown with brambles making walking the complete loop very difficult. if you decide to try and walk all the way around then i'd recommend long pants and a long sleeve shirt at a minimum.

it is a very easy walk with almost no elevation gain and there are some scenic views along the way.

I used to really love this place, but it looks like it's been pretty neglected over the past few years. One used to be able to walk a full loop around the South half of the island, but the trail now dead-end into overgrown brambles. Still interesting to visit, and fun to see the little fish when crossing the foot bridges at the far SW part of the trail

Easy walk for kids and families. It's paved which is extra nice in Washington since trails get muddy real fast. Otherwise it's fairly unpleasant. The smells from the treatment plant alone are enough to deter someone. However I suppose if you go before it gets warm it's better. And it's so easy to get to especially for locals. When you cross the bridge to Spencer Island bring the bug spray and a stick for whacking away sticker bushes. It's pretty poorly maintained. And apparently from Oct to March hunters can shoot out there.

Maybe I need to give this place another chance but I was not a fan of this walk at all. I don't normally mind insects but I don't believe this was natural levels. It may have been a result of the water treatment plant nearby. The views were okay. Definitely not a place to run or exercise of any kind.

My wife, Dog and I explored Spencer Island over the weekend. The walk was easy and relaxing. Especially if you live in Everett it's a quick and easy to access from the city. The north end of the park is owned by the WDFW and the south end is owned by Snohomish county. The interesting part is that dogs are allowed on leash on the north end only. The south end dogs are not allowed. The north path is an out and back maybe a half mile tops. The trail used to be a loop from what I understand but it has been washed out. It's cool to walk along the levy and look at what was once an agricultural area prior to it flooding. Great for some photography too.

For an impromptu excursion I'd suggest checking it out.

You must park by the water treatment plant and then walk down the dirt road to enter Spencer Island. Signs indicate where you should park.