Five star if you are with family, especially young ones, due to mild grades and loop size. Three star if you are expecting a workout on a bike. Four star average and still enjoy the convenience, scenery, safety and just being outside. On second thought, average rating is 4.5 stars but rounding up to 5 stars is against my personal rules.

nice and shaded. Great on a hot summer day!

1 month ago

We took our kids to this trail to hide our Puyallup Rocks! It was a nice walk on the paved trail. We will be coming out to this trail to do some running, soon. There is also the option to just enjoy the playground and the big open field with your kids or animals.

Sunny and a bit warm. Still a great day for a walk.

Nice day for a walk it's cool and sunny. I don't know why today's track was inaccurate for Alltrails and the S Health app. I put my phone in the right cargo pocket like I always do.

Very windy today but also helps ya stay cool while getting exercise. Rating a trail badly because of other people's bad behavior says more about the person complaining. Instead of complaining do something about it. Bring a trash bag and poker stick to clean up as you walk, bring doggy bags, or at least a small trowel to throw poop off in the bushes.

At a few other local parks I've found filled doggy bags along trails. I pick the bag up by an outside edge that didn't touch anything and chuck it off into the woods. If I have hand sanitizer on me at the time I use a drop of that on my hands or an alcohol wipe from my pocket first aid kit.

Sniveling on a website/app isn't going to change anything. Nobody likes a whiner. Quit whining and start doing. Find solutions not problems.

this is a memorial trail dedicated to a fallen soldier. one would think that would demand a level of respect . unfortunately respect was not found here. the trails are covered in dog crap and trash . we also encountered several dogs without a leash.
very disappointing

Was a very simple trail. Good for kids and dogs. Paved.

5 months ago

Cool and cloudy. Great day for a walk.