Skagit Island State Park is a 24-acre marine camping park in Skagit Bay. The island is forested with occasional meadows, rock outcroppings, attractive beaches and a land trail.

it was a beautiful July day for walking on this Trail. I started at the Mill Town entrance and discovered that going south is prohibited because it is change off and posted no trespassing private property so heading north you walk on a gravel road it was hard to see the River most of the time because of the brush and trees but when you could see it it was pretty. when the road ends there is a trail through the brush you cross over a half rotten train trestle and are right on the River's Edge. that was the nicest part but it doesn't last long as the overgrowth of blackberries makes it too hard to go further. it would be great in a kayak, however at one of the forks in the Delta there is a log Jam that completely closest one of the branches of water, so be careful.

It was alright, not too fun or pretty when you don't have a boat :/ My dog got to swim though and the church in the background beyond the bridge was pretty!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fun! River was shallow.

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