on Mount Si Trail

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Easily accessible and well marked trailhead. 75% of the trail is clear, last 25% compacted snow, 2-3ft snow at top.

Perfect length trail, lots to see, water stream, beautiful tall trees, rocky top with amazing view. I got to the top in about two hours. Getting to the top is well worth it. Only bad thing was the parking lot with a billion pot holes. Discovery pass needed,

Went there yesterday, left trailhead around 12:40pm and got up to the top around 3:00pm. Trail is very well marked, you definitely need Spikes or any kind of tractions for your shoes. Last couple miles of trail is cover under powdered snow and it gets slippery at some places. You need discovery pass. Very beautiful hike. Stay safe and enjoy!!!!

Hiking shoes and traction are very important!!!!!!

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19 days ago

Love this trail. Nice and warm at the start and stayed just wet until about 2.5 miles, where I put on my spikes. It was very windy and rainy all the way to the top. Cute little camp robbers greeted me at the top, so I shared my granola bars with them. Not very busy on the trail today.

1 month ago

The hike is a good length and pace for a moderate hiker. It is quite rocky on the trail so you may want a decent pair of boots or hiking shoes to avoid a sharp rock to the foot. The overall pace is pretty average for the first two thirds of the hike but after that it picks up a little bit. I saw a few people carrying their small dogs up but if you have a larger dog they should be fine.

The trail was clear for 75% of the hike but the last 25% was covered in snow and ice. You may want to either bring poles or you can just walk beside the snow as the ice is very slippery. On the top there was probably 3ft of compact snow and on the backside where the approach to haystack is there was a little more. Because of the possibility of ice I wouldn't try to climb to the very top.