Great, convenient spot for training to do real mountain hikes and climbs. Too much litter, graffiti, and too many splits to recommend it for anything but training or watching Felts Field. I run it with a 30lb pack for endurance, and climb rocks here and there, but people ruin the nature aspect.

mountain biking
1 month ago

There was a lot of climbing involved, I would do it again but after going up once I was too tired, so I went not recommend if it is your first time on a mountain bike trail.

rock climbing
4 months ago

I'm sure this is a lovely hike but there were far too many signs of unscrupulous questionable activity. We hiked 10 minutes, listened to our gut and turned around.

5 months ago

There isn't anything official about this loop route. It's somewhat arbitrary among hundreds of trail splits that could also turn into loops. It's hard to follow because there are so many options. But I rarely concern myself with following a loop anyway since I like to explore. This area is so-so, but not amazing for hiking. It's probably more fun on a mountain bike. There are simply too many trails with nearly paths. Really, you can't ride/walk 3 feet to an intersection, so you make 2 or 3 new trails to cut the corner? And instead of picking a side of a tree (left or right), the trail goes around both sides! Toooo many! But I enjoy getting out just about anywhere, so I rarely give terribly low ratings unless some catastrophe happened that ruined my day (hasn't happened yet). Oh, almost forgot to mention I encountered a skunk! I didn't realize they walk so slow until now. It claimed the trail and didn't even budge when it saw me coming. Yeah, it owned the place, and I had to bushwhack to get around it.

I went with my one year old carrying him and my 4 yo who actually is a good hiker (we go hiking all the time). But the trails were very rocky, quite steep for him, and very confusing. There were so many trails I had no idea which one to stick to for this loop. I even had out my All Trails app and it showed me where I was in relation to the trail and many times it said I was not on the mapped route. I also parked in the wrong parking area and started on the wrong trailhead, I think the gps was a bit off or the map is off. We ended up taking a short cut and cutting the hike short because my 4yo just couldn't do the steep hill. We got lost many times not knowing which trail to take. We had to do a few turn arounds and then followed someone out hoping he would lead us out down the right path. Bottom line, don't take kids on this hike, and don't be on a time limit. Be familiar with the trail before you go or go with someone who knows the trails. Also there IS a legitimate parking lot with a sign where the trail head is just east of where the gps says to go. Happy trails!

This looks like an alright place for rock climbers. It is also not a bad hiking spot, if you happen to live in the area. The trails are steep in places, and sometimes a little hard to find. Sadly, lowlifes have defaced some of the beautiful rocks with unsightly graffiti.

There are some fair views of the greater Spokane area at higher elevations. There were marmots running around all over the place - so cute!

10 months ago

Walked through deep snow from John Shields park. It was quite a workout. It's a great walk close to home. View at the top is great; you can see Spokane Valley on one side and downtown Spokane and north Spokane on the other.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lots of room, walked 3 dogs, seen lots of Mountain bikes. went about 3 miles,
Great view of valley.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Monday, September 05, 2016

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Geat steep hike going up the path we took, rocky, only took an hour total. Nice view.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

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