Clean, shaded, with 3 trails to choose length, area to walk down to a small creek. Kids loved it, couldn't take the jogging stroller around the whole loop, but plenty of trail to walk.

Don't want to tell anyone about this natural area, want to keep it for myself. Not 5 stars because not long enough.

Lovely trails in a beautiful forest, light dappled forest floor with abundant ferns and lots of Bleeding Hearts blooming, with a few fine specimens of Trillium. Met a couple of locals out with their dogs. Most of the trails were quite muddy and if you take the wrong trail as I did, is almost impassable. It seems as though a stream of water covers the path.

Very pretty. Signs were a little uninformative. Want to do it again.

We visited the trail too soon following a rainstorm and part of it was covered with water and mud. We also must have missed some signage and ended up taking a wrong turn at one point because we ended up following railroad tracks near a golf course and lost the trail. It's a pretty area, we want to go back and see if we can actually stay on the right path next time. We did spot a couple of salamander-type critters with orange bellies during our walk.

Salmon-Morgan Creek Trail in Brush Prairie WA. Beautiful mossy trees. This forest is so Jurassic looking.

Five minutes into the trail we saw a pair of deer hopping through the woods and crossing our trail... Very unexpected but cool to see on a family outing.

A little muddy this time of year but it's a nice, easy, well maintained trail that my 3 year old managed just fine.

love these Woods! my son and I live nearby and have been going since I was pregnant. great walk, lots to see, easy enough for a 5 year old, Creek to enjoy. loads of mushrooms.

Super easy. Took my two year old son on his first hike and he loved it.

trail running
Wednesday, June 08, 2016

nice serene, green!!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Nice calm trail, lots of ambient sounds. Very peaceful. Keep eye out for stinging needle, wear pants...