Photos of Ross Lake National Recreation Area Camping Trails

2 months ago

Great trail! Parked at Colonial Camp ground, walked through the RV camping area to find the trailhead and more parking(whoops). Camped at Neve Camp, we didn't want to be too far in since this was our very first backpack camping trip ever! Glad I chose Neve Camp instead of Thunder Camp when I got our backcountry permit at the ranger station, had to choose one or the other then. Neve Camp had much more space and was located practically on the creek whereas Thunder Camp was smaller, tighter and farther from the creek,but not by a whole lot. Did not see any bears or even any sign of bears. Overall distance for us was 5.4miles. Also a huge perk, when getting backcountry permit at ranger station, they offer free bear canister rentals! Will definitely be going back to try out some of the farther camp sites!

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