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Beautiful hike with fall leaves. Trail is closed near the end so can’t get to the tunnel. Still worth the hike. We are new hikers and this was perfect. It’s down hill first then quite flat.

nice little hike through the woods and by a beautiful river. stopped when we got to a bunch of trees that were down, but now realizing we could have climbed over and gone further, will go back to check it out. probably wouldn't drive a long distance to do this hike.

Very much enjoyed the hike by far the best is the second mile and 1/2 past the warning signs there's some nice spots in the river to be able to swim and the tunnels were pretty amazing!

loved the view and historic feel of a piece of Washington's past of the railroad

If you like a little history and adventure with your hike this one is perfect! They once tried to build a railroad along the canyon, but gave up. There are bits of railroad ties, tunnels, and a bridge. But you have to go beyond the trail closure sign. Be warned, parts of the trail are washed out from landslides, it requires some scrambling and sure balance.

I am not a big fan of when the last part hike is the hardest but overall decent hike as a last minute fill in.

Great hike. Two windows got smashed and took one pair of sunglasses that had no value. So sick of cars getting broken into at trailheads. It’s sick. Lime kiln has had the same problem. Stay away from granite falls I guess

short easy hike of you don't pass the trail closed sign. but hiking past (accepting the risk and there is risk) there are some incredible scenery.

the farther you go go beyond the warning signs the better it gets

The trail is washed out about a mile and half in. There is signs posted not to go any further. Otherwise fairly simple hike.

Good workout on this trail today. Muddy in a few spots but overall good. You’ll face your fears on the bridge.

Beautiful hike, very sketchy beyond the warning sign but worth the views. I got through two tunnels and over what looked like a very large rockslides. Beyond that there was a scramble across a slide field with a small waterfall in the center of it I didn't feel comfortable on, so that was my turn around point. This is where the elevated stone walkway used to be. There was more trail beyond to explore. .. trail is very unstable beyond the warning signs, rocks fell while I was on the trail so be very careful. I got to the trail at about noon and back to the car at two.

Pretty cool trail. Not that hard if you've hiked at all before.
The switchbacks at the beginning may give some older people trouble, but once you get to the bottom it's flat. Follows the river with spots to sit for a bit here and there (trees/ground, not man made).
The further you go the more you'll see how the water eroded the ground and you need to start being more careful.
I saw a tree fall into the water as I was walking along the bank.
Just park right before the sign for the trail and head into the woods, you should see pretty well traveled trail leading into the woods and you'll come across warning signs.

love this hike it is easy going next to the river the whole time.

Excellent hike. moderately steep switchbacks lead down to flat trail continuing for about 2 km until the trail becomes washed out. after this section the trail is no longer maintained by the park service, but there is a useable trail leading to 3 intact rail tunnels, remnants of a couple bridges and more.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Very cool trail, haven't been in a few years but the tunnels were amazing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Once you park beside the road, go in the forest & it will lead you to a downhill trail. Keep going along the trail once you hit the bottom & it'll lead you to a abandoned train tracks trail, you'll be walking besides a fast moving river & come to little waterfalls along the way.
Pretty long trail & didnt finish all of it but still great with the river beside you!

great first hike in Washington! our boys 8 and 9 had no problems at all.

Beautiful!! Very easy

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The trail is obviously busy, lots of trash and debris, yuck. But following the river is gorgeous. Great for my three year old.

Good easy trail hiked to the no trespassing signs so the round trip was only 2 miles. Wish people would pick up their damn trash! Make sure to lock up your cars when parked by the road that goes for any trail head parking.

Quite peaceful and beautiful trail.

mountain biking
Thursday, August 03, 2017

I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR MOUNTAIN BIKING. Hiking, wading in the river, picnic was a great experience. The entry is very steep, then there is a fun, descent section for about 200 yards then too many trees down to enjoy biking. The trail really isn't that long until you get to the, do not pass this point or you will die, county signs.

This is an amazing hike and a true adventure. Personally I continue past the first cave through the 2nd and up to the 3rd cave. Shortly after the third is where I called it quits as it starts to get a bit more difficult and technical. this is probably the most beautiful and rewarding Trail I have seen yet with minimal work.

Great! I can't wait to come back!
Kristine, (two reviews below mine) that's called "trail cutting" and it's a HUGE no no. It is massively frowned upon by the outdoor community. It kills the local plants and increases erosion.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great track, or the part that wasn't closed. It cuts off at about 1 mile in, with signs stating so at the beginning of the trail.

Will come back when it's fully open again later!

SUPER rad trail! The lushness! The tunnels! The history! Loved climbing up the "shortcuts" at the start of the descending part of the trail! This trail made me feel like I was Indiana freakin Jones lol

~An overcast July afternoon ;)

Beautiful hike. Trail is blocked by slides after railway tunnel about 2 miles in.

Beautiful caves and views. Definitely would go back

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