1st hike in Seattle and the view at the end is so worth it.

1 day ago

Amazing views!

It got my heart rate up that's for sure lol. beautiful trails. lots if up hill walking. But I would go again for sure.

It's an easier hike, but it was the perfect sunrise hike. Was very crowded today.

Awesome hike & well kept trail. Extremely dog friendly!

It was beautiful and very easy to navigate. Round trip took about 3 hours. Not from around here and it exceeded my expectations.

Great trail. Gorgeous view. Lots of people though.

on Stan's Overlook

7 days ago

This hike is one I always take when I return to Washington from college each year. It had everything great: shade, trees, sun, and VIEWS. It's pretty busy, so be prepared to share the trail. There is the popular ledge of course, but I like to hike a bit more to a higher, smaller ledge for quiet privacy. Definitely a favorite

There is a lot of great wild life on the trail and the ledge has a very good view