Took my Aussie up for Black Friday #optoutside and it was unbelievably crowded... but it was a great hike with a good view. Super easy and enjoyable hike. My dog loved it and the attention for all the people!

Easy trail markings and clear paths. Good for families and friends who's in for an adventure. View at the top is absolutely incredible. I'd definitely do it again. I went during summer and fall during day/noon times and the scenery was still beautiful.

Really nice trail, heavily trafficked but so close to Seattle it's a must for a quick hike with nice views.

I got there around 5 AM to watch to sunrise at 7:42AM. Bring a flashlight! And use this map to find it. You do not have to pay for it. I spent about 40 mins getting lost before even entering the trail. It was wonderful. The big ledge is about 15-20 mins from the first real view. MAHALO, S

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Not quite sure if it's 6.6 miles out and back, the trail head says 1.9 miles when entering the trail.
1.9 miles up, 1.9 miles down. Approximately 4 miles out and back!

Keep going to the top! Beautiful view that does feature a lake!

Even on a rainy day. 

5 stars for the 2 times that I've been.

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