5 hours ago

Great trail, some packed snow and ice towards the top of the trail so spikes helped, especially on the way down. Loved the views!

Fantastic views. A walkable trail to the ledge makes this accessible to everyone.

3 days ago

Did this trail last week. A good first solo hike for me and the furball. Bonus? It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day :) Beautiful views. A bit crowded though for my liking.

Great trail, amazing views from the ledge and super family friendly

At the trailhead by 5am. Hiked to the middle ridge and watched the sunrise. Leash your dog at the top just to be safe. Epic morning and an all around great hike!

amazing. all up hill so take your time.

Beautiful View. Crowded get there early for parking. Don't need hiking boots even, running shoes will be just fine. Trail is so well groomed we found it a bit boring. The creek at the beginning was the only issue at the start about 2 to 3 inches deep.

Trail was well maintained and a perfect distance and incline

There was water at the trailhead, so had to take a detour. Overall very nice, weather was good. Enjoyed it very much.

Easy peasy nice morning hike before the crowds get there!

Great experience. The group hiked to the Ledge and then progressed to the Eastern Peak. We did get into snow about a mile from the peak, which was fun. Crampons though weren’t needed.

Great hike! Got there at 6 am to make the sunrise. Start of trail was flooded by the creek. Waterproof shoes were very helpful. Hardly anybody on the trail that early.

Excellent weather today. Got there @ 8am. Creek was flowing over the path at the start of the trail. About an inch deep. No problem for those with waterproof hiking boots. No snow. A few muddy spots along the trail. Else quite dry. Not too many people at the ledge at 9:15am. The valley was all clouds. But the montain tops across the valley were visible. They had patches of snow.

It's a fun trail, just be prepared for the weather .

Nice weather, nice trail:)

Great trail. Moderate difficulty. Nothing much to see on the trail. But once get on top, the view is so beautiful and breathtaking! Highly recommended.

I’ve done this trail numerous times. I think it is perfect for a first timer whom never been hiking before. It’s about an hour from Seattle and offers a wonderful view from the city. Which is why this is one of the busiest hiking trail in Northbend. I took a couple of friends from Ohio to show them what the PNW is about. They are hooked had a great time and is yearning for more of the PNW.!

Always a great hike to do again! We thought it was going to rain but we seemed to get to the top and back and missed the rain that day - always dramatic views and great spot to train for other hikes. Lots of people on the trail enjoying this popular spot.

I’ve done this hike many times and I have reviewed it once before- however, I went today 1/20/18, and it was the best experience on this trail I’ve had. Started out very rainy and cold but the trail was clear of any impassable run offs or standing water. Once I got to the ledge it was all snowy. I ended up unpacking my microspikes so I could get a better view safely. Was gorgeous and since I went early enough, the ledge wasn’t packed like it normally is on a later spring morning.

This is such an awesome hike! Only took about an hour to get to the ledge and I was going at a pretty leisurely pace. The trail continues on up the mountain if you’re looking for a longer hike. The trails are very well maintained and the view at the ledge is amazing, especially for how quick the hike is. There were a lot of people on the trail when I went this morning. There isn’t any snow right now until you reach the ledge, and there isn’t a ton even at that point. It’s very accessible.

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