Beautiful view when you get to the top. Definitely worth the hike.

1 day ago

I love this hike, but prefer to do it during the week (early) as it gets very, very busy! I never get tired of the view from the ledge.

Easy trail. Plenty of parking today at 930AM. Variety of hikers. Lots of people (as is the case with the influx of people to Seattle). Outstanding view.

Not scenic until you reach the top. Good hike and the view at the top is worth it, but there are much better hiking destinations in Washington.

Such a great hike with incredible views at the top!

HEAVY TRAFFIC!!! A lot of people on this hike and a lot of novice hikers so be cautious, but pretty easy accent couple steep switch backs but all in all took an hour up and an hour down at slow easy pace! Would recommend for dates or just a quick day hike.

Very beautiful view at the top!❤️

Easy hike with way too many people. The trail was swarming with people at 7:20am on a Wednesday morning.

This was my boyfriend & I’s first hike & it couldn’t have been more perfect. A moderate steep uphill hike to the beautiful breathtaking top! Some parts of the trail is tricky as this is mostly wooded & you are climbing over tree stumps and rocks- but for the most part- easy. The trail is roomy and clean. I TOTALLY recommend swimming in the lake after as it isn’t too crowded. A beautiful day hike and then a refreshing swim in the crystal clear river! Definitely doing this one again. ❤️

Awesome hike but it is very crowded and we hardly found parking spot. We came on Sunday.

Solid hike that was moderately difficult. Take breaks if you need to pace yourself but otherwise this isn’t a very challenging hike for some solid views that make it worthwhile.

Awesome hike, Awesome views of the lake. I will definitely come again!

Great hike and awesome views. A bit rocky in places so make sure you have good footwear. Dropping one star because it was so popular and very busy (but, we went at about 1pm). There’s a lake nearby that’s awesome. Again, it’s really busy so get there early because parking fills up fast!

Because it’s an easy hike, it’s very crowded. I was there at 7:00 AM and there was a good amount of people on trail.

Went there during the week after work, it’s an easy hike but was too crowded

One of my favorite hikes. Hiked it two years ago and had to stop often. Now I’m more in shape it’s a lot easier. Good for first time hikers. The view is amazing. Be careful of the cliff some kid sadly passed away from falling off of it.

Well marked trail, great forest terrain. There are some burned areas to get through, and the top is a little disappointing with no viewpoint and lots of logging. I went through to Rattlesnake Lake and it was very cool, also shorter than turning around and going back down.

I went there on 7/4. The trail is easy but it is windy on the top. There’s not much space to rest either. We ended up with staying there just a few mins. The view was wonderful.

14 days ago

One of the best view I’ve seen once you reach the top, it’s worth every incline and steps you take.

Awesome views! One of my favorite hikes in WA!

Beautiful views!

Is this 5.1 Miles total or 5 Miles in and 5 Miles out?

Good moderate hike. Got there early and avoided the crowds and the heat.

I’ve done rattlesnake twice now, and I’m sure it’s one that I’ll frequent often. I love it, it’s always challenging no matter my fitness level because the elevation hits me the hardest here than any other hike I’ve been on. So if that’s something that gets to you, be prepared! The views are always spectacular, even when it was raining.

Incredible view. A bit busier than I’d like, but worth it.

Amazing hike. Tired at points because I’m not fit but worth the view. There is some crowd at the top but you take turns in taking pictures. Make sure to get there early. I hiked down around 11 am on Sunday, May 27th and there were huge crowds barely going up.

Beautiful views. Challenging but not overly difficult. Too crowded during peak hours.

This is a great trail, well maintained and easy to follow. The incline gets your heart racing at times but I saw people of all ages, experience levels, and preparedness finish this hike (with or without water, wearing flip flops, crocs, combat boots, or leather jackets in July). It gets pretty crowded on weekends so if you value alone times on hikes maybe this trail isn’t for you.

great view, but left at 7:15 am on sat and it was already busy.....by the time I got back to my car 2 hrs later it was a circus....so many hiker wannabees and unprepared walkers. Do this hike before 6:30 am or during the week to enjoy great views and superb mountain terrain.

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21 days ago

Come prepared! It’s nothing but uphill for two miles, with some steep treks as you reach the end. Worth powering through for the view, and a cool dip in Rattlesnake Lake awaits you at the bottom.

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