view nice but very crowded. decent hike.

I love this hike one of my favorites however it is very popular and can be very busy (the only downside). I highly recommend going early as possible. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s an easy hike however if just hike at your own pace, stay hydrated and you will be fine. Once you make it to the top to the viewpoint, it will be all worth it and you will want to do it all over again just for that view. Maybe not the same day but you will definitely be back. Words can not describe this view and I would dare to say not even pictures can capture it.

This was an awesome hike but I could only give it 4 stars because of the weather. It was a slight overcast and a bit cloudy so I will have to do this one again to give it 5. This was the first time I’ve seen a gang of people on a trail which lets me know just how popular this trail is. I’m not sure if many people know but the main ledge that everyone goes to is not the only cliff to hang at. Once you leave the middle ledge follow the trail that leads to the right next to the sign. While everyone was at the main cliff I sat at this one by myself for like 15 mins. Going up is a workout for sure but going down was pretty much all down hill. Recommend starting early as most people were going up as I was coming down. I will be back when the weather is better for sure

Was there yesterday... a beginner hiker took about two hours to complete and my friends and I were dripping in sweat. Overall, fun would do again and the view was to worth the trip

Best bang for your buck! This hike has great views for short distance

Beautiful view at the top but WAY to many people for my liking. Waiting sometimes for 10 people to go past so you can continue with your climb or descent. Trail is nice, easy to navigate. The last part is kind of steep and some areas of lots of rocks. Maybe on a day with not as many people around I would have enjoyed this much more. Also lots of folks who just throw their plastic water bottles they are done with just into the “wooded” area.

Excellent hike. Peak point is at elevation of around 1200 feet. The view from top is stunning overseeing the lake.

Couldn’t have picked a better day to go. Sun was shining! I drove up from Tacoma and got there at 7. Wanted to avoid the crowds having two dogs. Parking and bathrooms are ample and clean. Nice workout mostly on an incline but worth it at the top with those views. Lots of dogs on the trail, mostly leashed, all behaved. Sign allows dogs off leash even, which is a rarity...as long as they can be controlled vocally. Dogs loved cooking off in the lake after the hike. As we were leaving around 10 it really started to get crowded and people were cruising the lot for parking. But people seem to always be coming and going so didn’t seem too much of a pain. I’ll be coming again...it’s a gem.

Went on a Sunday morning in June.

I prefer trails that have water close by, however as a fit challenge this is a great trail. We were able to see the peak of Mnt Si through the fog. We did almost 11 miles and the equivalent of 90 sets of stairs. The woods were beautiful especially closer to the top with the mist surrounding us.

Beautifully maintained path to the top.
About 1 hour to the top.

Beautiful hike but way too many people. Some don’t know hiking etiquette where if you are holding people up to move over and let them go around you. Gorgeous view, nice steady trail, and can do in a few hours round trip

8 days ago

I am visiting from Florida and this was my first trail while on vacation. I brought my 13 yr old daughter with me and she had a little of a tough time doing the hike only because she is not used to the elevation here. Florida is flat. But we both loved it! The view at the top is breathtaking and so worth it. We hiked it on June 6th, and there were LOTS of other hikers present. The lake at the bottom on the trail is also lovely so we spent some time by the lake too just appreciating at the beauty. #lovemothernature

8 days ago

Beautiful view

Beautiful, rewarding hike. Got really lucky with a sunny day. Clear trails with lots of people even on a Tuesday afternoon. Perfect day-hike outside of Seattle.

Went on a Monday afternoon. It wasn't busy but there more people than expected. It's a good hike up and back. We did it in just over 2 hours, and stopped to take pictures. We don't consider ourselves good hikers but were able to handle this just fine. It's well worth the effort. Great views from the top.

Great hike through a forest straight out of a fairy tale. Great views from the summit. Well maintained but very crowded.

Great hike! I got there around 6:45 am and was at the top around 7:45 and I was the only one up there for a good 30 mins! It was amazing, so I suggest getting there early because on my way down I probably passed 35 people, and this was on a Wednesday morning.

Refresh and a good experience!!

Amazing pay out (view) considering the ‘low’ effort. Quite a great trail. Went on a Friday morning (~10) and found only 5-6 people at the summit. Not too steep and well maintained trail (not very wide with dogs thou). Around 45min on a fast pace, 75min with stops. Easy to Mid hike depending on your level.

An awesome trail with beautiful views at the top, but the foot traffic is so dense it feels like you're at Disney World. Would suggest getting there soon after sunrise if you want a quieter hike.

What a hike! A great substitute to the usual jogging cardio. I wish the trail is a bit wider since some of us hikers are faster than others, but still a 5 star.

Very nice, moderate difficulty, very limited space on top and very overcrowded.

Don’t go on a weekend! It was like hiking in a crowded mall. It really turned what should have been a great hike into a unenjoyable trip.

Start early if you want this place to yourself or very few others. I hit the trailhead just after sun up and there were still 4-5 people ahead of me at the top.

Rattlesnake really is a great trail. Well maintained, not too steep, definitely considered an easier hike. The summit is one of the best I’ve seen, but unfortunately it’s just a zoo. For good reason, of course, but it can be tough to enjoy unless you’re out at sunrise or midweek. Just have to think ahead on this one, and know that it likely won’t be a “quiet” hike.

One of the best hikes I have ever experienced. Was a little crowded since I went during Memorial Weekend. Loved that there were so many dogs on this hike, very fun and enjoyable.

Well maintained, great views, but a complete zoo

Focusing my reviews on the trail experience only.

Well maintained trail. Not steep. Trail goes in forest the whole time with only a couple of viewpoints at the top of each peak. The forest is nice though. Initial section of the trail going to first viewpoint is very busy.

If you seek more of a hiking challenge or more views of the surrounding mountains, choose another trail. If you seek an easy, family friendly hike, this is a good alternative.

28 days ago

Very enjoyable hike. The trail gets a little overgrown in a few spots, but for the most part ver well maintained. Great incline.... no switchbacks. Just in and out trail. The actual overlook isn’t jaw dropping, but very pretty vista views through some tree tops. Picnic table and a couple of benches at the overlook area. We got to the destination by 7:30 on a Sunday and we were one of maybe ten other cars and when we left at 9:30 the lot was completely full along with two overflow areas. New-ish bike trails here, so it appeared that most cars were bikers.

Beautiful hike. Been there twice. Last hike 2 weeks ago with my boys age 3, 7, 10 & 11. They had fun and loved it.

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