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So pretty! Parking gets full pretty fast, people like to camp on the beach overnight (me, too!). Easy walk in. Stairs built in. Climbing the driftwood to the beach is the most difficult part, and I spotted a snake here (:
Cool tidepools along the beach with a little cave at the end if you walk the whole thing! Sleeping here you get an eerie noise of wind blowing through the keyholes of the rock formations in the water. Very cool. Windy. Bring fire supplies! Enjoy!

2 months ago

We did this right after 3rd Beach and I think we probably liked this one better. Quite a longer trek to the beach then 3rd, with more elevation change but still not challenging. We got to the beach as the fog started to roll in which painted a pretty amazing backdrop. Limited parking so during peak times it’s likely difficult.

3 months ago

Beautiful beach, easy hike. Great way to spend on the beach if the weather is clear. The trails is easy and the beach has plenty of spots to check out.

4 months ago

An easily followed trail through lush forest, with such a wealth of botanical wonder that it was slow going, with frequent photo stops. The spur trail down closer to the Quillayute River was definitely worth doing, and not too steep or slippery even with rain earlier in the day. By the spur trail's end the river was in sight, and a beaver and I startled each other a bit. Finished the curving main trail back onto Mora Rd, and walked back along the grassy shoulder of the narrow road to the starting point at the east end of the parking lot at the Mora Ranger Station.

I took my wife to second beach and it was her first backpack adventure. the beach was amazing and at night the Bioluminescence was remarkable. we will be doing it again.

A perfect way to spend your morning thinking about the things that matter to you. The path down to the beach is well maintained and mostly level without many obstacles or steep grades.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the walk without the fog that moved with the tide on this day. The visibility was roughly 40' when I arrived but quickly improved as the morning progressed.

This is an easy hike for all ages.

Easy hike, not the best tide pools but still
Gorgeous nonetheless

4 months ago

Completed this trail from Ozette to River at La Push. KNOW THE TIDE TABLE! This was a buddies hike idea in December. Weather was fair, no rain at all over 3 days. The tides were not our friend. High tide was during all the prime hiking times, and so we did a lot of headlamp movements. A lot of beautiful sunrises. I feel like I missed a lot of the views though. Be aware, the camping is on cliffs above the beach. We did this hike 10 years ago and the ropes to climb up we’re hard to find and ragged. Rocks were slick and barnacle covered at points, and at least one point was only crossable during low tide.

Easy downhill walk through a forest that opens up to a beach. The hardest part is climbing over the driftwood to get onto the beach. It rains often in La Push so odds are it’ll be raining or start raining when you’re there.

Be prepared to scramble over piles of driftwood trees. The reward is a stunning beach where at low tide you can walk to the sea stacks and see starfish and more clinging to the sides. Low tide the day we went was -2.5, super low! We were able to walk on sand the whole way. Check the tide charts before you go.

Great sandy beach, amazing views. Pretty easy hike.

Good mix of forest and beach. On a weekday wasn’t terribly crowded and it’s exhilarating to go rock-hopping out to the big mesa-looking thing and snap a pic or two.

Absolutely magical! First time, will be back..,!

Perfect hike to a perfect beach... Bring Your Beer and watermelon !

Mellow trail with an awesome coastal view at the end

Great beach. A short hike through the woods and them you arrive at the beach. Amazing views of rocks, waves and sea stacks.

Amazing views. Great walk at low tide. Plenty of driftwood on the beach. Short walk down through the woods before reaching the beach.

Awesome hike! The walk through the woods is already fantastic and you haven't even gotten to the good part yet. Was pretty calm: only ran into six other people.

9 months ago

Went Rialto to Ozette in 1.5 days and it was rough but worth it! Tides hold you up and it is slippery with many rocks to climb over. Will do this hike in the future!

Beautiful, could sit at the beach all day. The views are amazing. Closer to the beach (at the last .05) are a bunch of stairs going down, when you get to the beach you have to cross/climb over drift wood to get on the beach. Not suitable for everyone.

Stunning views of the sea stacks and ocean.

Cool way to walk

It’s a great hike down to the beach but is almost entirely downhill. Once reaching the bottom, there are large amounts of driftwood to navigate before reaching sand. It’s truly a sight once you’re on the beach. The only let down was some trash from humans. The walk back was entirely uphill and tiring. The trail is one lane only so sometimes you have to stand aside to let traffic pass. Be prepared to be a little wore out after traversing sand and the uphill climb combo

Camped on beach New Years eve- full moon and sunrise -beautiful! amazing place! Take the short hike down to see this stretch of awesome beach!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Did the north to south route from Ozette to Rialto beach. Big things to remember when hiking this in the winter. Some of the areas on the maps where tides will block the path are a lot longer then they appear on the maps. The rocks between yellow banks and the Norwegian memorial are extremely slippery and for the most part are not passable over 5ft of tide. Also where we averaged 2.5mph on the boardwalks and on the open beach the slick boulder to boulder walking slowed us down to around .5mph. Beach camping for most of the area from sand point to the Norwegian memorial requires a climb into the woods and camping in the ferns. Not impossible in the winter with the short days but you need to plan and take a hard look at the overhead views. Anything that appears like red or brown rock at low tide is extremely slick.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Best place on the planet

Friday, December 08, 2017

Easy hike down to the beach! Watch the tides, they roll in pretty fast. Tons of places to explore, but a lot of driftwood to maneuver through.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Amazing. Desolate. You'll need a tidal chart.

Friday, September 01, 2017

We hiked here in May 2017. It was a cold and drizzly day, but the hike itself to the beach was pleasant. The beach was so neat! We were there at low tide and got to see the tide pools and all their little critters. I wish it had been a bit clearer, as we couldn't see out into the water very far, but it was still a great experience. And it was amazing how cold that water was!

I loveeee this beach and the entire la push area. It's always a beautiful visit and the camping/food near by is well priced.

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