Good hike for young kids but not much to see

3 months ago

nice quick hike with a great leg work-out

It's a nice break from our usual trails, and it leads down to Ruston Way. If your looking for really rustic trails, with animals, waterfalls, and captivating scenery...this isn't the trail for you. My 2 yr old enjoyed it, but parts were challenging for him. It was a bit of challenge going back. I left the wife and kid down, ran up and got the car. Parts were stinky. I'd probably bring the kid carrier next time for the trip back up!

on Puget Park Trail

7 months ago


A challenging hike back up

8 months ago

very easy.

11 months ago

Quiet, a nice hidden spot from the more popular Ruston water way.

1 year ago

Fun trail for my four year old and I. We extended our hike a by continuing down the Tacoma waterfront. My only complaint is the dog waste left in the middle of the trail. A number of lazy individuals your step on the stairs!

1 year ago

Fun trail for little kiddos (2 and almost 4). Lots to look at.

Love this trail. . easy walk to the water and to explore