11 days ago

Its a great trail if your looking for a workout... which I’m sure is the intention for the trail.
I’m not an experienced hiker but I scaled to the top. I was extremely winded though, I had to seriously push myself. There wasn’t too many viewpoints but it felt super cool looking down the hill and seeing how high you are. All in all I thought it was a cool hike. Heavily trafficked.

Hiked the back of Pinnacle Peak on the first fine day in ages and it did not disappoint. The 'trail' is mostly gravel road until the loop at the end, so very easy (terrain wise) and very well maintained. On a clear day there would be a couple of great views of Rainier - today it was socked in.

The 'back-side' trail is MUCH easier than the trail on the other side :)

1 month ago

Lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

2 months ago

Make sure to bring hiking poles for the goat trail. But definitely a good trail, right next to Enumclaw.

This was a great trail. My kids really loved it too. There is a nice spot at the very top to sit and you can find some good views of the surrounding mountains.

Great hike. I went up the goat trail which is steep. Will be hiking this again soon.

4 months ago

love this train for a quick afternoon hike!

I don't agree that it's easy, or suitable for all skill levels. I hope I can make it all the way up some day. What I saw was lovely.

Fun short trail. Decently steep! Not much for a view at the top during the regular day hours

In looking at all the otber reviews it seems like I wasnt on the same trail as them. Very steep. More steep than Rattlesnack Ridge.. Lots of rocks and roots to step over. No views....except for two spots.... flat open plain on south end with a metal picnic table in the middle of no where which allowed you to partially see Mt Rainer. There is also a cut off that does have a spectacular view of Mt Rainier on the southeast end.
Tbe peak had two wooden benches no view but was a nice place ro eat.
South loop had an easy smooth gravel walk but if you stay on it....it will curve to the left and comes to a straight up climb until rejoining the peak trail again.
Another hiker said she spotted a cougar.
Active trail with other hikers present but not packed.
No bathroom. Pot a potty.

Short but super steep, in less than a mile you go up 1000 feet in elevation, really tough cardio workout if you do it nonstop easy pace all the way to the top.

I was a bit disappointed in the views but it was a great workout. The trail is well maintained and there are plenty of other hikers.

6 months ago

very well maintained and short

good hike, no view from the top.

7 months ago

Loved it! Wish there was a better look out spot though. Definitely an intense hike. Great if you want something quicker but still a workout.

This was a really great hike and a really great work out. However I must say whoever rated this trail as easy or even moderate is out of their mind. This is really steep. We climbed Smith rock in Terrebone Oregon it was really difficult and this one is a lot more difficult.

7 months ago

I would not consider this Trail easy for kids! The loop idea is a stretch. We turned to take the trail down the backside and it was terrible. We survived, but it was difficult with stretches that were very steep. We were grateful when we ran into a frequent hiker who told us where to turn back to meet the main trail.

Good climb & quick hike, but not much of a view at the top.

8 months ago

This is an awesome hike with so many different trails of all levels that you may never do the same hike twice. We hike this Mt. every Sunday, and enjoy the view from the hidden vista as people hike behind us not even knowing we are there. We prefer the Goat trail going up from the Cal Magnusson side because it is less traveled and more serene. They just put in a new parking lot on the other side with restrooms, and there are a couple offshoots that take you away from the main gravel road up and give you more peace and quiet.

Great for conditioning hike on both side of this park. Nothing much to look at but a good work out.

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